2021 glasses trends

2021 is an escape from 2020, and a wonderful beginning for everyone across the globe. A new reason for you to style your way into the new year of ultimate joy and change.

Your fashion can require some change, and adding some exciting and trendy frames into your new wardrobe can be a fun way to start.

From cheap glasses online to the high-end brands, each of them have finally anticipated the eyewear trends that’ll take the fashion world by storm.

The 2021 glasses trend offers some of the most stunning designs from colourful one to neutral and quirky oversized styles.

Today we take a look at the new glasses trend that will take over 2021. You can explore from the multiple ranges of unique and attractive style that’ll give your face a new look.

Don’t worry, the new assortment of glasses also contains your favourites.

1. Nothing but multicoloured

Whether you want to buy prescription glasses online or fake glasses, multicoloured frames make a fine choice. An escape from the minimalist fashion, multi-coloured frames in men and women are a hot trend that brings out boldness and confidence in you.

The ultimate motive of multi-coloured frames is for you to have fun with your style – particularly if your outfit choices are in a darker shade. If you are looking for the perfect pop of colour to bring out in your style, then look for frames in more than one colour. Frames in blue, cherry red, lilac purple makes an ideal pair.

2. Retro Aviators

While the world is moving into the future, you can feel nostalgic in retro aviators. These retro frames are making a big comeback in 2021. Retro aviator sunglasses are perfect for the winter or the summer, as these frames come with a bigger protection area from the glare. These are also quite popular in prescription glasses. Originally, known as men’s glasses, the latest retro aviators also come for women. With new colour and shades, the Aviator trend is back with a vengeance that suits well on khakis and trench coats.

If you want the similar aviator style, but want a touch of modern fashion then reworked aviators are also quite a rage. Reworked aviators are made into a mix of geometric and aviator style while including the vintage vibe of Aviators. These reworked frames are unique and contemporary in design, making it quite famous among youngsters.

3. Oversized frames

When you want to go bold, just go BIG. Oversized glasses are having a moment right now. Similar to boyfriend’s blazer and oversized shirts, oversized frames are also following the step of these popular trends in 2021.

Oversize is popular in both prescription glasses and sunglasses for a bigger and bolder fashion moment. This year is the year you’ll finally stand out and any accessory that’s big and bold will do. The current fashion tagline is “The Bigger

The Better” or “Larger and In charge” for the current liking of oversized design. Big silhouettes and exaggerated proportions of glasses suit almost all face shapes and sit rather comfortable on their face, making it this season a smash hit.

And the best part, oversized sunglasses are ideal for sunglasses protection as these lenses research more room from keeping the sun out from your eyes.

4. Cat-eye all the way

Cat-eye glasses are going nowhere. These set of glasses have always been there and with their growing popularity right now, these aren’t going anytime soon. One of the biggest shapes in women’s glasses, cat-eye frames add a great touch of elegance and chicness to your style.

With its angular design at the eye, your face gets a boost while the eyes appear sharper and beautiful. From the Breakfast at Tiffany’s look to Marilyn Monroe look, cat-eye glasses are the go-to style for women. Now coming in all sort of stunning design, colour and pattern, cat-eye glasses have always been a fine choice.

5. Quirky Geometric Glasses

Quirkiness is one the rise. Glasses in a quirky and eccentric style are taking the central stage in 2021. When you have enough of a rectangular or square shape, geometric glasses are to the rescue. In a mix of hexagonal, round, pentagonal and other interesting shapes, these glasses are the most fun to wear. It’s eye-catching and brings a new edge to your style.

You can either quirky or not. There’s no safe choice rather than embracing these quirky yet courageous glasses trends. If you have a round or oval shape then these glasses make an excellent choice for you. The geometric shape/pattern became a hit in fashion during the 1970s, but with the recent explosion, it looks like the ’70s are back with a new level of design.

Geometric glasses give so much freedom in styling and bring symmetry to their look.



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