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Amazon UPC Codes – How to Get One?

Do you wish to get a UPC code to listen to your product on Amazon as a seller? Then you have right on the right-hand side to get the answer.

You can easily obtain Amazon UPC codes from the internet.  In this article, we will show you just that so please keep reading until we finish.

What is Amazon UPC?

Amazon defines its Amazon UPC code as a universal product code for its products. Since Amazon’s online E-Commerce Store has millions of different products, Amazon uses these codes to identify and organize all items.

Amazon doesn’t let anyone any product without using a unique UPC code. It is a kind of identification number for a product on Amazon.

It will be also useful for you to find your particular product in your listing. UPC will let you recognise a particular product from similar items.

For example, if you want to find a particular product listing on Amazon, you will be able to use that UPC code to identify it.

Without it, you will pick the wrong product since there are too many same kinds of products on the site from different sellers.

The same item is sold by dozens of different sellers on Amazon and these UPC codes help in recognising each one’s identity.

Purchasing a UPC code for Amazon

As an Amazon seller, you might be interested in adding new products to your listing. Remember you need a UPC code to upload and set up a new product on your listing.

We can help you get a few or as many as UPC codes you want.

If you wish to get Amazon UPC codes at an affordable cost, then please keep on following the below instructions:

You will first need to buy a gs1 Company prefix in order to obtain one UPC code.

This prefix will be linked to your code and they both will work together for dignifying your product.

Once you do that simply create a new product number for your product. You can set a new name for your product as per your choice and the product details.

Please write down the name in a safe place since you will need it later.

Plan how you want the UPC code to be set on your products. You can choose whether you want to see a bar code on your products.

You can easily get a barcode for your product using many third-party barcode creator tools. All you have to do is make sure it is unique and no one has used it before.

Then you will need to register your product using the barcode. Once that completes, your product will be able to list on Amazon.

This is how you add a new product to your Amazon seller account and use a UPC code. Hopefully, you will be able to add a new product to your Amazon listing using the UPC code that we gave you.

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