Cost to Ship a Car across the Country

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car across the Country?

Shipping your vehicle may seem expensive when moving states, but it can often be less costly and safer than driving it yourself. 

Choose a reputable car shipping company with excellent reviews from customers and experience in long-distance transports; opt for open or enclosed transport; remove personal belongings before the journey; run down the gas tank to a quarter of its capacity to ensure smooth transit; remove personal plates before loading the vehicle onto the carrier.


Shipping your car can save time and money when moving cross-country, but before selecting a company it is essential that you know how much the process will cost you in order to avoid overspending on unnecessary services and fees.

The price for car shipping varies significantly based on several factors, including distance, time of year, and transport type.

Current fuel costs also have an effect, since truckers will need to fuel up during their journey. You can click the link: for more information on fuel prices.

On average, shipping a vehicle across the United States typically costs $0.84 per mile with longer journeys being more costly than shorter ones.

To reduce costs associated with cross-country car shipping, opt for an open transport service with terminal-to-terminal service.

This enables a carrier to transport multiple cars at once, cutting costs while speeding up shipment.

A trucker will inspect your vehicle before pick up and again at delivery for any new damage, recording it on their bill of lading before signing it and accepting cash payment.


Time of Year

Timing can have a dramatic impact on how much it costs to ship your car across the country, with summer being the peak season due to more flexible moving dates for families with out-of-school children and more competitive transport companies that charge higher rates for moving dates and prices.

Winter is typically the cheapest time to ship a car due to both lower demand and fuel costs.

You could potentially save even more by opting for terminal-to-terminal service instead of door-to-door shipping service, depending on the distance between pickup and drop-off locations.

To determine how much car shipping will cost, it’s best to get quotes from multiple companies and compare quotes.

Once you have compared quotes, book your shipment early so there is space available and any last-minute price spikes can be avoided.


Auto shipping offers the ultimate way to transport a car across state or national boundaries safely. 

Hiring a reputable shipping company with verified drivers is vital for ensuring its safe arrival at its final destination, but don’t forget to also take steps such as clearing away personal items from the vehicle before turning it over to its carrier, and taking pictures before handing it off for transport. 

Finally, always verify whether they offer damage coverage during transportation.

When booking your shipment, estimates for pickup and delivery dates will be provided to you. Keep in mind that these dates can sometimes vary due to factors like weather, traffic, or road conditions affecting travel time – the farther your car needs to travel will take more time before reaching its destination. 

When selecting a transport company consider their reliability as well as whether or not they provide guaranteed delivery dates at an extra charge; you can learn if this service exists by reading reviews online. You can visit this site for more information.

Type of Vehicle

Shipping your car across the country can be stressful, but there are companies available that can make the experience simpler for you. 

When selecting a provider, look for one with excellent reviews from previous customers as well as pricing and insurance policies to see whether enclosed transport options exist.

Also, be sure to verify their registration with the Department of Transportation (DOT). Your vehicle’s size and type can impact the cost of shipping it. 


Cross-country car shipping (also referred to as auto transport) involves having your vehicle moved over long distances without you driving it yourself.

While it can be costly, the choice to transport your car across the country instead of driving it yourself can save time and hassle.

It does this by offering cost-effective alternatives for transporting large or heavy vehicles over large distances. 

Make sure to review a company’s USDOT number, reviews, and insurance coverage compared with your policy.

In preparation for car shipping, it’s also advisable to remove personal belongings, disable alarms, and note any pre-existing damage on the car itself.

Once your vehicle is prepared, a carrier will pick it up and load it onto their trailer, transporting it directly to its destination.

You can save money on shipping by scheduling pickup during cheaper seasons like winter or fall or opting for terminal-to-terminal service instead of door-to-door service.

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