Lady Isabellas Path To Happiness Manga – Spoilers | Complete 30 Chapters

Lady Isabellas Path To Happiness Manga – Spoilers | Complete 30 Chapters

In the  Lady Isabella’s Path To Happiness Or The Flower Road Life of the Grand Duchess at the End of Time story for centuries, the firstborn of House Helsington has been cursed to die young. Therefore, to rid the Firstborn of the curse, family members illegally breed a baby girl named Isabelle, so that instead of the son, Isabella dies of the curse. Unfortunately, Isabella knew this and wanted to spend the rest of her life in peace.

To get away from her terrible home and live her last days in peace, she wants nothing more than to escape.  She got her chance when Grand Duke Noverdic proposed her to marry to her son Cleor.

So, she accepted the marriage proposal to be free from her family before she dies but… the hospitality and affection she received from her in-laws are endless and her fiancé’s obsession is mysterious.


NameLady Isabella’s Path To Happiness
Alternative NameThe Flower Road Life of the Grand Duchess at the End of Time
AuthorsLee inhye / Kd
GenresManhwa, Webtoon , Shoujo(G) , Adaptation , Drama, Fantasy , Full Color , Historical, Regression , Romance, Time Travel
Original LanguageKorean
Translated LanguageEnglish
Read DirectionsLeft to Right
Year of Release2022
Number of Chapters30 Chapters
Lady Isabellas Path To Happiness Manga – Basics Information

Isabella suffers from neglect, trashed families, and was born as a sacrifice for their sibling, how Isabella is going to move forward with her new life with the ML? Actually, her in-laws remember their past lives, they went back in time. 

Negative Points:

  1. Sometimes, everything feels rushed and weird, and random tropes are just been thrown around needlessly.
  2. Some people report that nothing is explained at all, and it can confuse by everything that is happening.
  3. zero exposition and the pacing is so clunky and weird
  4. The pacing and composition are really distracting


In some ways, the story is both unique but also pretty standard. We have the typical abusive biological family, doting new family, and cold duke of the north. What sets this apart is that the new family (in-laws) are the ones that remember their past lives, not the main leads (though this might change).

This plays a big enough part in the story and is not just a convenient plot device for the in-laws to shower her with love from the get-go bc they loved her in their previous lives.

The MLS family gained memories of themselves from the future, except for the ML, his family treats him like an incompetent child for absolutely everything he does just because he doesn’t have memories of his prior life.



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