Manage Mental Health At Home

5 Products To Help Manage Mental Health At Home

Managing your mental health is incredibly crucial to your overall health. In today’s day and age, staying mentally healthy can feel like a chore.

While many mental health conditions require treatment by a doctor, there are ways you can manage the symptoms from home.

By reducing your stress level, you can help control your mental illness. The following products will help keep your stress down at home. 

1. Coloring Books

One pastime that many people have picked up to mitigate stress is coloring. Creating something with bright colors can reduce tension and produce serotonin in the brain.

While not everyone feels like they can pick up a paintbrush and paint something from scratch, coloring in a mandala coloring book is something anyone can do.

If you want something to do with your hands at home, pick up a coloring book and some markers. No matter how artistic you are, the repetitive act of coloring can help relieve stress and tension. 

2. Weighted Blanket

Another product that is proven to reduce stress is a weighted blanket. These blankets have sand or clay beads sewn into patches throughout the surface, putting gentle pressure on the user.

When you have this even, gentle pressure on your body, you tend to feel more secure and relaxed. Any latent anxiety you have will start to dissipate the longer you relax with one of these blankets.

For a gentle product that you can relax with, grab a weighted blanket from your local department store. 

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

If you want easy stress relief in your home or office, an essential oil diffuser is a perfect product for you. Certain scents are proven to relieve stress, such as lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

When you diffuse these scents in a space, you can not only breathe easier, but you’ll be able to release some of your anxiety throughout your day.

For days when your energy is low, you can switch your oils to something more uplifting like citrus or lemongrass. This customizability is a huge draw to diffusers for many people. If you struggle with holding on to tension during the day, consider buying an essential oil diffuser. 

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

This next product is specifically useful for parents or those living in busy homes. One of the biggest triggers for anxiety is overstimulation. When your brain is taking in too much information, it can become overwhelmed and begin to shut down.

This feeling of overwhelming leads to a panic response, which manifests as extreme anxiety. By blocking out some of the external stimulation with a pair of noise-canceling headphones, you can help reduce some stress and calm yourself down.

You can play some of your favorite music or podcasts, allowing you to focus on something other than your anxiety. By distracting yourself, you can slowly reduce the symptoms of your anxiety and panic. 

5. Daylight Lamps

Finally, many people struggle with their mental health as a result of poor weather conditions. When the seasons turn and it gets dark and gloomy, you may find your pre-existing anxiety or depression getting worse.

This type of mental condition is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and can affect millions of Americans. By purchasing a daylight lamp, you can give your brain the UV exposure it needs to produce hormones like serotonin and oxytocin.

These hormones are what produce happy, warm feelings in your brain, so a deficiency of them can leave you feeling sad and hopeless.

When you expose yourself to simulated daylight through one of these lamps, you can help your brain continue to produce these hormones at regular levels. Rather than suffering during poor weather, grab a daylight lamp and bring the warmth of the sun into your home. 

Overall, these products can’t cure mental illness, but they can help manage some of the symptoms. When you reduce the amount of stress you deal with regularly, you can improve your overall mental wellbeing. 

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