Home Decorating Tips Transform Your Space

6 Home Decorating Tips to Transform Your Space

Decorating your home can be a fun activity that gives you the chance to show off your unique style. You don’t need to spend a bundle to achieve a look that you love. Small changes and a do-it-yourself approach keep costs down. Check out these top suggestions for giving your home a refresh.

Update Fixtures and Hardware

If your home is on the older side, you may have heavy and outdated cabinet hardware or light fixtures. These may seem like small details, but swapping them out for a newer design that reflects your taste can change up the look of the whole room.

To change simple items as your drawer pulls and cabinet handles, all you need is a multi position ladder and a few tools. Light fixtures can be updated on your own if you are just changing the exterior cover. For more in-depth projects that involve wiring, call an expert electrician to avoid accidents and injuries.

Add Some Color

Have you grown tired of the beige walls in each room? A uniform color palette may make it easier to choose your furniture, but it can get boring. Add a pop of color with an accent wall or paint the entire room. Choose a neutral shade to blend with your decor or go bold to make a statement.

Paint isn’t your only option to add or change the colors in your home. Some vibrant or patterned throw pillows, accents, or even candles can do the trick. The best part with these easy solutions is that you can change them out often to reflect the various seasons, holidays, and your own preferences.

Play With Texture

The role that texture plays in a room’s aesthetic is often overlooked, but can be transforming. One of the easiest ways to add some texture is with a few textiles. Purchase a few cozy throw blankets to drape over the back of the sofa. Rugs are another great option and let you blend texture and color. For a truly unique look, try layering several rugs.

Window treatments, table cloths, and pillows also add interest. You can even play around with the types of materials you use to decorate a room. Wicker furniture or a metal end table are great ways to include various textures and add some variety. Or, select some three-dimensional wall art to display. The options are nearly limitless. 

Include Personal Touches

Your home should reflect the lives and character of the people that live there. Photographs tell your story and also add warmth and interest to your decor. Create a focal point with a collage of cherished photos on one wall. Or, place a few framed snapshots on tabletops and shelves. Update your displayed photographs over time to reflect the ages of your children, or choose some favorites that you can leave up for years.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Home Decorating Tips Transform Space min
Home Decorating Tips Transform Your Space

Achieve a totally new look using what you already have. Sometimes the simplest solutions can have a huge impact.

If a particular room in your home is starting to look and feel a little stale, try rearranging the furniture.

Make the best use of your space by positioning items in a way that gives you plenty of room to maneuver. You should also consider the purpose of the room.

Arrange to seat in a way that invites conversations or provides excellent lighting to curl up with a book to read.

For the living room, make sure that everyone can see the television clearly.

Small adjustments such as swapping out lamps or end tables are another option for instant changes with little effort or investment.

Incorporate Live Plants

A little greenery can little give any room a breath of fresh air. Plants have several excellent benefits, from improving the air quality to inspiring a happier mood. Plus, they look great with any color scheme and design style.

These are quick and simple ways to give any room in your home a facelift. Try out a few for yourself. You’ll likely spark your imagination with new ways to decorate. 

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