Lace Wig Hair Density – How to Choose It Correctly

Lace Wig Hair Density – How to Choose It Correctly
How To Dye Your Lace Front Wig

While the concept of the human hair wig goes back for centuries, the way front lace and full lace wigs are made represents a leap forward in natural-looking hairpieces. 

This is why the density of the wig is a very real priority when selecting a full or front lace style or when having one custom-made for you.

The method has been used by moviemakers and professional makeup people to create the most realistic wig possible for use in television shows or movies. 

In that way, we have Hollywood to thank because in recent years the lace wig method has become more well known and used in the general population.

The basic method of making a full or front lace style wig design is to meticulously tie real human hair to a lace framework in such a way that the resulting hairpiece looks and behaves almost identically to real hair. 

You may know people who have very thick hair and others whose hair is fine or thin.  That thickness is what “hair density” is and it is part of the individual look each of us presents to the world. 

So when creating a wig design to look natural when you wear it, you should try to match your natural density as closely as possible with the wig density you order. 

When discussing the wig density issue with your wig maker, you will use the terms light, medium, and heavy to describe what kind of density you want in your new hairpiece.

Lace Wig Hair Density

Here are listed all the types of Lace Wig Hair Density

Light Density

It is a good design if you want a wig that looks natural with how most people are used to seeing you if your hair is thin and some amount of scalp can be seen through the hair cover. 

You will receive a wig that achieves about a 60% of what most people’s hair density is and if this is in step with your natural hair, your wig will be virtually impossible to detect. 

Medium Density

Hair, as you might suspect, is the thickness most people have in normal natural hair.  If you bought a wig off the rack, it would be medium density. 

Heavy Density

It is considerably thicker hair than is normal and most hairpiece experts advise against this level of density in your front or full lace style wig simply because it will look unnatural and “theatrical”. 

Lace Wig Hair Density Conclusion

It’s good to have a feel for these distinctions when you consult with your wig stylist.  But even if you are not having a wig custom-made for you, understanding what your Lace Wig Hair Density is and what you need to create a natural look will help you in the process quite a bit. 

The outcome will be a beautiful hairpiece that looks just right for you and most people will never know that it is a wig.



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