JJ DA Boss Net Worth, Car Collection, Wife, Kids, Living, Family, Age

JJ DA Boss Net Worth, Car Collection, Wife, Kids, Living, Family, Age

If you’re a fan of street racing, then you’ve probably heard of JJ Da Boss. He’s a popular figure in the street racing scene, known for his skills behind the wheel and his larger-than-life personality.

But while many people know him as a racer and a reality TV star, they may not know about jj da Boss’ net worth and what he does for a living.

On Trendingserve, in this post, we are sharing jj da boss’s net worth, cars, wife, kids, living, family, and about age.

We’ll take a closer look at JJ Da Boss’s career and explore how he makes his money. We’ll examine his background, his racing career, and his business ventures, and try to answer the questions.

JJ DA Boss Net Worth

Car lover and racer JJ Da Boss’ has a net worth of $3 million, while his wife’s net worth (it is known to be significantly higher than his own) is not included in this figure.

It’s important to note that his net worth may fluctuate over time due to changes in their career, personal life, or global economic conditions.

JJ DA Boss Net Worth Graph

JJ DA Boss Net Worth Graph

Furthermore, there may be some variation in the accuracy of reported net worth figures since they frequently depend on estimates and openly available data.

Some popular sources for tracking JJ DA’s net worth include Forbes, Celebrity Net Worth, and The Richest.

However, it’s worth noting that these figures may have changed since then and should be taken as estimates rather than precise numbers.

Additionally, because it may not take into account things like taxes, debts, or charitable contributions, his net worth might not always accurately reflect their actual financial situation or level of wealth.

A celebrity’s net worth may be significantly impacted by their income, investments, and assets.

To determine a celebrity’s net worth, financial analysts may consider various factors such as career earnings, endorsement deals, real estate holdings, personal investments, and any other sources of income.

Car Collection

JJ DA Boss Car Collection
JJ Da Boss Car Collection

Street Outlaws Memphis‘s featured star is also known for his passion for cars and has an impressive car collection that includes a variety of classic American muscle cars.

Some of the vehicles in his collection were built specifically for him and then modified for racing.

His car collection is considered one of the most unique and impressive collections among car enthusiasts.

What Does JJ Da Boss Do for a Living? [Answer]

So, what does JJ Da Boss do for a living? The answer is a lot. While he’s best known for his street racing career, JJ is also a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

One of JJ’s most successful business ventures is his car shop, South Memphis Auto. The company, which specializes in bespoke automobile builds, is becoming a popular stop for motorheads from around the nation.

JJ is involved in everything from marketing to client relations in addition to managing the store’s daily business operations.

In addition to South Memphis Auto, JJ also runs a clothing line called “Team Memphis,” which features t-shirts, hats, and other merchandise.

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He’s also involved in a number of other business ventures, including real estate and event planning.

Family, Wife, And Kids

JJ DA Boss Wife Tricia Day
JJ DA Boss Wife Tricia Day

Racer JJ Da Boss is married to Tricia Day, who also competes in racing.

JJ DA Boss Wife Kids Family
JJ DA Boss Wife Kids Family

Tricia is the biological mother of four children—three daughters and one son—out of the couple’s eleven total children. The remaining children have Tricia as their stepmother. One of JJ’s sons, Joshua Day, races in “Street Outlaws” under the alias “Doughboy.” The couple now has five grandchildren.

JJ Da Boss Age, Height, and Weight

As we already mentioned above in this article, JJ was born on August 10th, 1973, making him 49 years old in 2023. JJ DA height is 5 feet 9 inches and has a weight of 80 kg. He maintains a well-built physique that is neither overweight nor weak.

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