Punkie Johnson : Saturday Night Live Newest Cast Member Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Punkie Johnson (black comedian woman) is in the highlights, due to Saturday Night Live. As SNL adding three new cast members to their already star-studded lineup! On September 16, the show announced that Lauren Holt, Andrew Dismukes, and Punkie Johnson would be joining the cast for its 46th season.

SNL’s this season will premiere on October 3. And while fans of the sketch comedy show are familiar with returning cast members like Kenan Thompson and Aidy Bryant, we are curious about the new cast members, including Punkie Johnson.

Bio: Who is Punkie Johnson?

Punkie Johnson was born on April 29 and is a comedian, actress, and writer who just appeared on the 46th season of SNL. She is the second LGBTQ + Black cast member to appear on the show.

Punkie grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and still has a special place in her heart for the city. “I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Orleans is amazing. It is the best place to enjoy good food, live music, and the best place for love and hospitality,” she said.

“I’m glad I grew up there because it taught me to be true to myself. We have some “southern” good in there, “he continued.

“Where everyone greets, opens doors to strangers, drinks, helps each other just out of a kind heart and is known to call everyone ‘baby’ please say, baby.”

She is also a staunch fan of the New Orleans Saints. “I can’t forget the New Orleans SAINTS,” he said. “Lose, win, tie, WHO DATE until death”

Punkie johnson wife

In one of her comedy routines, Punkie mentioned that she had been in a relationship with her wife for more than seventeen years.

“Ugh, that’s long, I’m having a panic attack when I say that shit,” he joked. The couple reportedly tied the knot in 2002 and has grown stronger ever since.

What has Punkie Johnson been in?

Punkie Johnson has quite a long list of acting credits to her name.

The comedian appeared on Space Force alongside Steve Carell and appeared on Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers.

She has also appeared in the short films The Adventures of Whit, Sixteen Thousand Dollars, The Lot, and Journeyman.

Some of her television credits include The Real Witches of West Hollywood, Crank Yankers, Corporate, Adam Ruins Everything, Please Understand Me, and Jobless.

Punkie Johnson uses her kid age in New Orleans, Louisiana, she really holds a remarkable spot in her heart for the city. “I encountered adolescence in New Orleans, Louisiana.”

Punkie Johnson describes herself as a “girl with bills.”

When asked how she would describe herself, Punkie replied, “A girl with bills,” which is something everyone can probably relate to.

She also made it clear that she tries to stay away from negativity as much as possible, which is a solid idea that everyone can take notes on.

“I am a happy person. I stay very far from negativity, “he said. “Mentally, I can’t handle anything but beautiful things and people. I click fast if I feel like something isn’t right.”

Season 46 of Saturday Night Live premieres October 3 on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET.



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