How To Care For.Betta Fish – For Increase Lifespan

How To Care For.Betta Fish – For Increase Lifespan
Betta Fish

Definitely, proper care increases betta fish’s lifespan. Considering aquarium size and correct setup, food, water quality, and others cautions keep betta happy and healthy.

Know Your Pet Betta Fish Deeply

Betta fish come in multiple patterns of colors, which are mesmerizing. If you go to the market, you will find that they are not expensive pets and the techniques for maintaining them are simple.

The name ‘Betta’ fish comes from Thailand. The original Thai word is ‘ikam bettah’. Some people assume that they originate from Greece, as their name resembles the Greek letter ‘beta’, but that is not true.

The eyesight of these fish is well-developed. They can see things quickly and clearly.

Even in some Asian countries, Siamese fight fish uses for fighting. For this purpose, they will use fish with very small fins.

What Do You Need For A Betta Fish

Betta fish’s lifespan is approximately 2 to 5 years but it can extend to 6 years, with extra care.

A healthy Siamese fighting fish will show awareness during feeding times, and they should be fed on a habitual schedule so that they become used to expecting food. 

These Flirting fish will keep on acting hungry until they overeat, which can kill them, and extra food can also pollute the water.

So let’s get started…


The foods for Siamese fighting fish tend to be more of a meat diet as compared to other fishes, as pets need particular diets.

Most bettas will involuntarily be stuck on and consume all types of live food, brine shrimp, tubiflex worms, black worms, mosquito larvae, daphina, etc.

However, the majority of the people don’t like or aren’t capable of keeping live food around always, so dry foods are developed for the fish.

You can get pellets and special flakes from your nearby pet shop. One more kind of dried food is freeze-dried foods like bloodworms, brine shrimp, worms, etc.

Aquarium/Fish Tank

Fish Tank’s correct setup can significantly add to the lifespan of your betta. It gives them more enjoyment of life, a feeling of security, and a safe environment in which to live.

The best place for setup fish tank would be on an inside wall, out of direct sunlight, but still capable of having a great deal of light come into the fish aquarium.

Keeping the tank in bright sunlight next to a window is defiantly not a good idea. As well, keep the tank away from child reach, Don’t use the mirror at the back of the aquarium, use a flower picture instead.

Water quantity

Mainly one gallon of water is an excellent size to place this fish with water changes in two weeks. In case of less water, the water will become polluted very and the fish can’t swim in it.

While changing the water, it is a great idea to acquire some water conditioner to get rid of the chlorine and some “stress coat” formula to help to keep the fish healthy.


In the US and other countries, 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit is the most suitable temperature for bettas.

However, 72 degrees is also fine. But if the room temperature gets much lower than that, the national aquatic animal of Thailand will most likely not be able to eat, will get ill, or have many other troubles.

If the outside temperature is hotter than 80 degrees, don’t be troubled about trying to keep the aquarium fish cool.

They will be contented in the higher temperatures, but you must keep an eye as hotter temperatures will also make the water stink faster and sicknesses that had been hole up might unexpectedly affect the fish.

Betta Life Span

How long do betta fish live? They are not large in size. They can grow only up to 2.5 inches and their lifespan is about four years. However, with proper care, they can live up to six years.

Male/Female Betta Fish

These fish are famous for fighting even these fish also known as Siamese fighting fish! Mostly, female betta fight with other female fish, but it doesn’t mean that female betta scared of male fish, No. Many times, they will fight with males also.

If you put two males in a tank together, they will fight until one of them is dead. This is the nature of the male betta, after all, they aren’t called Siamese Fighting Fish for nothing.

It may shock you to learn that two females will do about the same thing, they may not kill each other but will tear at the other’s fins and tails. In the end, this will cause death to the other fish.

Female bettas will also fight other female fish for tank domination, but a male and a female can be in the same tank.

If you want too many fighting fish in a tank, I would suggest going with females, they aren’t as colorful, but will get along better.

The more females you have in the tank the better, the surprising thing is, the more in a tank the less fighting. A good starting number would be 5 females.


Q1. Can You Keep Male and Female Betta Fish Together?

Yes, you can. However, I would recommend keeping a close eye on the male Betta just in case he becomes too aggressive and the female needs to remove.

As I mentioned above having plants in the tank can help the female hide if the male becomes aggressive.

Q2. What are the Best Caring Tips for Betta fish?

  • Try and clean your tank regularly, ideally twice a week. Remove bits of food caught under the stones, castles, or leaves of your tank.
  • Q3. Can I keep 2 bettas Together in the same tank?

    Just avoid two Betta fish in the same tank, or use fish condos, to keep more than one bettas in a single container.


    • Test your water’s acidity level regularly. A PH level of 7 works best in my experience. Always keep a lid/cover over the top of your tank with air holes in it because aquarium fish can jump and you might not be there to catch them.
    • Any filtration system should be kept at a low level and you must take care not to put the air intake in such a position that it could cause your Betta to get hurt. Having your filter system at a high setting has been known to cause stress to your Betta.
    • Try and clean your tank regularly, ideally twice a week. Remove bits of food caught under the stones, castles, or leaves of your tank.

    Q3. Can I keep 2 bettas Together in the same tank?

    Just avoid two Betta fish in the same tank, or use fish condos, to keep more than one bettas in a single container.




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