Findcoou – Is It Legit Or Scam – Findcoou Com Reviews (2022)

Findcoou – Is It Legit Or Scam – Findcoou Com Reviews (2022)
Findcoou - Is It Legit Or Scam - Findcoou Com Reviews (2022)

Your presences on this page show that you are also a plant lover, like me, and want to check some reliable findcoou com reviews to decide whether to buy plants from Findcoou In the United States or not.  Of course, reviews will help determine whether is findcoou legit or a scam.

Actually, some time ago, I faced the same problem when I decided to buy some indoor and outdoor plants online for my home and office, but the website scammed me for 150$.

Finally, lots of research and experience make me able to identify fraud sites. Let’s check the reality of Findcoou website together.

What is Findcoou? is an online plant-selling e-commerce store, selling Pineapple Plant with Fruit, Neoregelia Bromeliad, and a few outdoor plants including:

1. Bromeliads Plants

2. Charlotte Plant

  • Armeria Sea Pink or Sea thrift – Plant
  • Carnation ‘Super Trouper Lilac on Purple’
  • Hellebores
  • Lettuce Tricolor Romaine Mix
  • Maidenhair Fern
  • Mini Carnation Super Trouper Butterfly Scarlett
  • Oregano Italian
  • Parsley Italian

3. Cleveland Plant

  • Clover Leaf Ivy
  • English Ivy Glacier
  • English Ivy Gold Child
  • Tropical Delight Guzmania Bromeliad

4. Herbaceous Perennials Bromeliads

  • All The Guzmania Bromeliads
  • Evita Vriesea Bromeliad
  • Neoregelia Bromeliad
  • Tropical Delight Guzmania Bromeliad
  • Vriesea Bromeliad

Colorful plants and cute cactus plants are the main attraction that attracts users to buy plants from Findcoo com.

Specifications About Findcoou

These are the website’s features summary at glance.

  • Store Name: Findcoou
  • Website Type: Online Ecommerce Store Portal
  • Website Age: Less than One year as website/domain registered on 2021-12-03 (according to whois lookup)
  • Contact Details: Contact number (701) 937-3559 and email id i.e. given on the contact page and home page, No physical Address is mentioned on the website.
  • Social Media Links: Findcoou Not shared Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other Social Media Link(s) on the website.
  • Feedback/Reviews: On the customer reviews, feedback is completely absent.

Red Flags

These are the Findcoou Com Negative Features collected from the official websites ( or from third-party resources. However, if you still want to buy items from this portal, continue reading!

  • Findcoou com has not shared a Physical address on the website, and this defiantly makes the website suspicious.
  • You can only send an email or call for complaints, inquiries, or feedback, you can’t visit the shop personally as the shop or business address does not show on the web pages.
  • The website is new, as it was registered in Dec 2021.
  • Customers Feedback is missing
  • No Social Media Links/Share options are available

Green Flags

These are the website’s positive features that are in favor of the website.

  • Findcoou sells plants at very affordable prices, plants in pictures available on the website look fresh and healthy
  • Website is user-friendly and easy to use, User Registration/Create account press is easy and does not require too many details.
  • Buyer-friendly (30-day) Return Policy, return condition is similar to other eCommerce plate forms such as item(s) must Unused, tags should not remove and must pack in original packing

Is Findcoou Legit?

Although they do not ask for many details while you register on this website, you can create your account just by fill your first name, email, and password. You do have not to disclose your contact number, social security number, or such details.

Findcoou create account

Oh great, is registration not seem risk-free? Of course, it seems safe, as we do not have to fill, personal details. But it doesn’t make any website legit, let’s check is legit or a scam.

Customer Reviews

Customers’ feedback or reviews are not present on the website. Nothing to read when you want to know what the existing user saying about Findcoou Com. Defiantly it makes the website suspicious, why a genuine portal will hide the customers’ feedback?

No Office/Shop Address

Findcoou has hidden the physical address, so nobody knows where the shop, company or business physical exists or where the office is. No zip code or Box number, you can contact only through email and on call.

No Customer Care Department

On the official website, nothing on the name of customer care, only the email id mention to send queries, feedback, or opinions. A single contact number for all types of contact, no toll-free or customer care number available.



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