Stylish Side Bags for College Girl [2022]

Are you looking to buy stylish side bags for college girls? If yes then reading this college girl stylish side bags guide article will defiantly help you to choose the best bags for college-going girls.

No doubt that college side bags for girls are going to be the latest trends of 2022.

As a college girl, selecting the perfect stylish side bag for a college girl is not easy for you, as the college bag should complement your lifestyle and personality as well, in college.

The cute side bags for college girl with sufficient space and style fulfills all your needs. Not only that, the College side bags are designed to give not as much load and feel more comfortable while carrying.

To make your college experience comfortable with the style, we have some tips and points to the best college side bags for girls listed below.

Stylish side bags for college girl
Fashionable side bags for college girls

How Big Should Bags for College Girls?

Depends on what you’re going to be carrying around all day.

Some classes will require that you bring your book to class every time, and if that book is a hard copy, well then you’re going to need a bigger bag.

However, if you have all of your books as eBooks, you would just need to take your laptop to class to take notes and access your book.

Most girl students in college use the stylish side bags because they are big enough to put in a few notebooks, chargers, and a few other random things, and there’s still enough room so that you can fit in a few books if need be.

What should a College-Going Girl always Carry in Her College Bag?

If not every, then most College girls should have the following items in their fashionable side bags for college girl:

  1. Carry one sectioned notebook instead of 3–4 different notebooks-it will make your life easier.
  2. Stationery items like pen, pencil, highlighter pen, and stapler (it might save you when you have a lengthy paper to write and don’t want to waste those last minutes time tying your sheets).
  3. Wide-toothed Comb (To untangle your messy hair in a jiffy), hand sanitizer ( you don’t want to dig into your food with those dirty hands), and a small bottle of face wash.
  4. Lip balm: A little pop of color on your lips does no- harm right? so carry it in your classy side bags for college girls.
  5. 2 handkerchiefs (you never know when you lose them hence 2), hair-ties, clutches.
  6. Important medicines for headache, stomach ache, period pains (Not recommended though), sanitary napkins (most important thing!)
  7. A big bottle of water. Always carry your own water bottle, and don’t trust roadside taps, or any other unknown water source.
  8. Lunch box with home-cooked meals, and some dry fruits to deal with your hunger pangs. These will help you avoid the junk, and also save you money.
  9. Pocket perfume. We all want to smell good all day!
  10. ID- Card of course! (My college never entertained us without a college ID).
  11. Umbrella: Of course, this needs no explanation.
  12. Wallet with a lot of ‘chiller’ for you to be spared of the auto wale bhaiya’s rant.

What type of other Bags should I carry to college?

7 Fashionable Side Bags For College Girls

  1. Backpacks:

    Backpacks are the obvious go-to for toting heavy loads from place to place, and there are tons of cute options out there if that’s your style. Pick a solid color for utility, a fun pattern to brighten up your mornings, or a pack with fun features to make your trek to class more enjoyable.

    Backpacks provide more support and space than any of the other options on this list, so if you’ve got a lot of books and gear, or like to take your laptop with you from class to class, the classic backpack is going to be your best pick.

  2. Tote Bags

    Tote bags are an adorable way to carry all of your things inside AND outside of class. One of the many pros of a cute tote is just that–you can use it for books on weekdays and as a purse on weekends! Tote bags are definitely chicer than backpacks, and they can make your outfit look pulled-together and polished.

    If you’ve ever hit the mall or a coffee shop after class with your backpack, you know how awkward it can feel carrying it off-campus, but with a tote, you won’t have that problem!

    Unfortunately, unless you have an extremely roomy tote, it’s probably not going to be able to hold as much as a backpack.

    Also, since totes are not as durable as backpacks, you’re going to need to watch the weight of whatever you put inside. It’s definitely a trade-off, but if looking good is a top priority, totes are always a great bet.

  3. Messenger Bags

    Messenger bags are a great option if you want to carry your laptop or gym clothes. Style-wise, if you have a laid-back, bohemian look, it will probably be easy for you to rock a messenger bag.

    Depending on how much you have to carry, you can choose from giant, luggage-style bags to small, cross-body swing packs.

    It’s up to you! If you want to stand out on campus, choose a messenger bag–not many ladies have them and they can be really cute!

  4. Laptop Sleeves

    Laptop sleeves are great if you plan on tucking your computer into your bag during commutes. They’ll keep your laptop covered and protected from all your other stuff. Most laptop sleeves are minimally padded and lightweight, but there are some models made of fabric-coated hard foam that will help your computer survive being dropped, kicked, or sat on. (It could happen!) Sleeves come at all price points, and in many patterns, colors, and styles.

  5. Laptop Bags

    In comparison to sleeves, laptop bags are a much more substantial way to carry and protect your laptop.
    Like sleeves, they come in many different colors and patterns, but unlike sleeves, they also make transporting your computer from place to place easier.
    Some laptop bags even have enough room for a notebook and binder, so they’re perfect for those afternoons studying in the campus coffee shop! Whether you want a simple style with a handle or a full-on bag with heavy-duty straps, you’ll be covered– with tons of options!

  6. Sports Backpack

    For the college athlete, you will need a special kind of bag for your sports equipment. If you simply need to carry around a change of clothes, a sports drink, and a few small miscellaneous items, you can go with something that is lightweight with only one or two compartments.
    Waterproof materials are advisable to prevent the absorption of water bottle spills and your back’s sweat.
    If your activity is a bit more involved and requires extra equipment, carrying your items in a large, durable backpack is recommended over using a duffle bag that has an over-the-shoulder strap.

  7. Drawstring Backpack

    This inexpensive option is ideal for the simple transport of lightweight items like a change of clothes, wallet, phone, make-up, etc.
    This bag is not intended for the transport of heavy books but is quite convenient for day-to-day use. Look for a model with a zipper compartment so your smaller items are easier to find.

How Do Manufactures Measure College Bag Sizes?

Usually, manufacturers would use the simple calculation of multiplying the height x width x length of a bag in cm and dividing it by 1000 to get the volume in liters.

This capacity is usually expressed in liters, which is the volume that is used as a reference for different sizes of luggage and outdoor backpacks.

Some even fill their Stylish Side Bags for College Girls with some substance i.e. dried beans to measure the volume! Because there’s zero industry standardization and a million variables that affect the result. One company’s 20L is another’s 30L.

After all, who’s really going to call them on it? It’s best to see how much stuff ACTUALLY FITS INSIDE functionally.


As college-going girls, you can carry the following list of things in your stylish side bags for college girl

  1. Red, Black, and blue pens
  2. Mechanical Pencil and lead
  3. Wooden pen, Eraser, Sharpener
  4. Black waterproof marker
  5. Scale
  6. Scissors, tape, fevistick, stapler
  7. Whitener
  8. Quick fix
  9. Registers
  10. An extra pair of clothes (this I do only during the rainy season-I keep it in my office. However, you may choose not to if you do not have a locker facility)

Advice: You may carry pepper spray or something/ anything which makes you feel safer, stronger, and bolder. With all these packed in your college bag, don’t forget to carry your Confidence girl!

That’s all! I hope this how to pick best Stylish Side Bags for College Girl guide helps you. If you have any enquire related to college girls bag please ask to us below.



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