8009220204 – Verizon Customer Service Everything You Must Know

8009220204 – Verizon Customer Service Everything You Must Know

Lots of Verizon Customers in the USA received calls from 8009220204; as Verizon technical support. In most cases, the pre-recorded call, automated call, or executive says, they are calling from Verizon “Technical Support” regarding “Your account has been deactivated”.

In some cases, the operator informed or offer $45 to $51 off in bill or other rewards from Verizon, and suggest in order to claim either press 1 or 2 or to call on 18009220204.

Unbelievable but true that Verizon Wireless’s ex-customers, as well as current customers, get more than ten calls in a day, and definitely this makes it suspicious of course.

According to people’s report “Pre-recording saying you qualified for a $51 credit to your next bill. By logging into Verizon51.com and entering information, You would then be credited”. 

Some peoples get more than 10 calls from 800-922-0204 in the last 24 hours, call from this so-called Verizon phone number.

This auto call is nothing else, other than a recorded message, claiming that you have been given a $59 discount on your Verizon wireless bill or your Verizon Account banned.

In order to activate your account press 1 or to talk to a representative press 2 on your cell phone.

Similarly, in order to refund or claim to process, they suggest going to the website www.verizon59.com and logging in to access the account.

In another type of scam, the people received the text message from this number.

SMS contain “…Alert, Sorry we’re having trouble connecting make sure you have a good signal & try again.  If you still can’t connect, call us at this number Error Code 1001”.


Is 800-922-0204 Verizon fraud phone number? and who called me from 8009220204? these are the questions rase in mind.

The operator claimed he calling you from the Verizon verification team or the verification department of Verizon Wireless.

Commonly message is similar to “Your account is suspended by verification. Press one to activate your account. Press two. To speak with a customer service representative”

But, when we research and check the Verizon Wireless official website’s contact page i.e.


The Official Verizon customer service number is not matched with this number, even This number is not mentioned on the Verizon official page.

Verizon Customer Care Page

 Who is calling from 8009220204? How to catch a scammer?

If you receive a call from 800-922-0204 or any other Verizon phone number and ask to share information that Verizon executive should have, but, he/she claims to not have access defiantly the caller and call both fake and scam.

Second, an indication of a scam is they call on your Verizon phone number, and phone number displayed either as Verizon OR 18009220204 and claimed “Your Account Banned” defiantly fake call.

8009220204 – Verizon Contact or Customer Care Numbers or Scam

  • First, visit the website https://www.verizon.com/support/contact-us/
  • Click on More Option to get Verizon customer care number [Toll-free]
Department Verizon Phone Number Timing
Customer service 1.888.294.6804 8AM – 7PM ET (Mon – Sat) 8AM – 5PM ET (Sun)
Business contacts 1.800.465.4054 8AM – 9PM ET (Mon – Fri)
National Accessibility 1.888.262.1999 8AM – 5PM ET (Mon – Fri)
Verizon Contact Number

Mailing Address

Payment address

PO Box 408Newark, NJ 07101-0408Change billing zipcode

How do I get 8009220204 to stop?

Easy, never ever share any details; even they claim you will lose the reward, refund, or even account. After calling for seven to eight days, they remove the numbers they do not get a response, from the list.

Now we know who is calling from this number? Ignoring the calls and text messages regarding claim refunds, rewards, and bills-off is the primary solution to stop calls from this number.

Conclusion About 8009220204

The call from “Technical Support” 800-922-0204 – Appears to be Spoofed. However, it is now easy to fake the caller ID with the help of some programs. With that being said, scammers can easily make calls claiming they are from Verizon.

If ever you receive a Call from “Technical Support”, ask what the purpose of the call is, and do not give any personal information including passwords. Verizon won’t ever call you to request your password or some other individual data.

Assuming you get a call requesting your Verizon secret phrase or other individual data, don’t give any data.  So never ever share any details with such caller to reactivation of Verizon account, nor for bill off or such tricky scheme. Rather than checking your account on the MyVerizon application suggested here.


How do I call Verizon customer service?

If you have any questions, Complain, inquiries, or need additional help, please make sure to contact Verizon Wireless by calling 1-800 Verizon (1-800-837-4966).




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