Blue Light Glasses: When and Why You Need Them?

Blue light glasses, also known as computer glasses, are specialized spectacles to prevent blue lights from reaching our eyes.

Our eyes require a certain amount of blue light as it is healthy for us. Sadly, when you are exposed to digital blue lights using your computer screen, iPad, smartphone, TV, it harms your eyes rather than doing any benefits.

Whenever we use computers and other digital equipment for a prolonged period, we expose our eyes to blue lights excessively.

This can make our eyesight weak, and our eyes can cultivate several acute diseases.

By wearing blue light spectacles, you can minimize the harms of blue lights emitted from digital devices.

Definition of Blue Light Lenses

Any glasses capable of blocking blue lights are known as blue light lenses. They are used to reduce the harmful effects of digital blue lights.

Many eye care institutes claim that it can prevent the human eye from many several issues.

When and Why You Need Blue Light Spectacles?

Whenever you feel that you are using digital equipment for too long, you need it to keep your eyes safe from blue lights’ harmful effects.

These glasses can be a life savior for you if you excessively use computers, tablets, smartphones, and TV.

If you spend most of the time watching TV (As Disney Plus hits almost 50 Million Subscribers in 5 Months in April 2020), using a smartphone or tablet (Tamilrockers latest url available for tablet), and working on a computer, you are overdosing your eyes with blue lights.

It could be extremely risky for your eye health and vision.

Bear in mind that you will regret later if you weaken your vision because of not wearing blue light lenses.

There is no practical cure for treating blindness and weak eyesight. So why take a risk? You should go for the best blue light filter lenses for your eyes as soon as possible. 

Types of Blue Light Lenses

There are different types of blue light blocking glasses. However, the technology used in all spectacles is the same.

The only difference between various blue light blocking spectacles is the effectiveness.

Many low cost and cheap blue light filter glasses are not that good at blocking harmful lights.

Many glasses have a double layer of blue light blocking lenses, making them incredibly efficient in preventing problematic lights.

These types of products are generally costlier, but they are highly recommended.

In short, there are no actual varieties in blue light preventing glasses, but their impact may vary as per their quality and manufacturing procedures.

Also, keep in mind that some cheap glasses might also destroy your eyes due to their low-quality lenses.

Therefore while purchasing computer glasses, make sure the product is of top-notch quality. 

How to Check Whether Your Blue Light Glasses Practically Block Blue Light?

Sometimes you may get the wrong pairs of blue light filter spectacles. Many eye lenses retailers may cheat their customers by handing them ordinary lenses in the name of blue light glasses. 

So you have to outsmart them if you want to buy genuine Blue Light blocking spectacles.

You can quickly tell whether your glasses are effective in blocking blue lights or not. All you have to do is put them on and look into your smartphone.

If you feel a little yellowishness after putting them on, your blue light spectacles actually work. You have to be very observant while doing so.

If you give only mere attention to the color change, you may not be able to notice the difference.

Also, observe the change in blue lights of your smartphone or tablet after wearing the glasses. It is a simple way of telling whether a blue light spectacle is authentic or fake.

We hope this information was helpful and practical. Thanks.



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