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Camping Meals – Stay Energized With These Camping Meals Ideas

In a time well before freeze-dried, outdoor adventurers saw food as fuel, not as Chef’s next meal. Those folks who spent most of their time outdoors learned the very best of living off the land.

Using the same ingredients as we use today; oats and grains, dried fruit, salt, and sugar. Camping meals have changed drastically with advancements in food preparation and dehydrating technologies.

The key to healthy and delicious camping meals or snacks on the camping trail is to start with good quality food.

Stay Energized With These Camping Meals
good camping meals

Blanching vegetables the right way and pre-treating fruits make all the difference if you are trying to prepare camping food from home for long-term storage.

Early campers and hunters could maintain a relatively balanced diet that kept them healthy.

However, in the early 70s, when freeze-dried and dehydrated technologies came on the market, it allowed campers to carry food to their campsite.

The downside, these products were bulky and offered little nutritional value.

Easy Camping Meals

From the early days, camping meals have evolved into delicious entrees and healthy snacks. Home-cooked meals will bring familiar flavors and nutrition to the campsite.

Recipes for Breakfast and Dinner

These breakfast meals are perfect for storing long-term in case of emergencies. Meals are ready-made, freeze-dried, and stored in nitrogen-packed mylar pouches to maintain fresh taste and crispiness.

Add water to the pouch, and you have the ideal breakfast meal.


  • Wise Foods Appalachian Apple Cinnamon Cereal. These resealable pouches contain a tasty Apple Cinnamon Cereal. Breakfasts are 2.5 ounces per serving and are lightweight, making them easy to carry on your camping trip. Pouches offer extended shelf life and are quick and easy to fix. Simply cover with water, heat, and eat from the pouch or pour into your favorite breakfast bowl.
  • Outdoor Food Kit by WiseFoods; Early Dawn Egg Scramble Breakfast Entrée. A delicious way to start your day on the trail. Resealable pouches are 2.5 ounces of eggs, sausage, onions, peppers, and potatoes. Make the Egg Scramble into more delicious dishes: pour ingredients onto a plate and top each serving with salsa and sour cream. Add green onions and other ingredients to make the dish memorable in just a minute or two.

Lunch and Dinner

These delicious premade camping meals can be eaten as an entrée or added to another recipe.

  • Outdoor Food Kit Pasta Alfredo and Chicken is a wonderful meal for the trail. The Alfredo and Chicken will keep the cook from missing the kitchen. Ready-made and freeze-dried meals for long-term emergency use or camping. The nitrogen-packed pouch stays fresh in its mylar pouch and can be prepared in just a few minutes.
  • Trailhead Noodles and Beef with Mushroom Sauce is a hearty meal after a long day of having fun. Each pouch contains two full servings of meat and pasta and comes in a case with six servings.

Each company that makes and sells ready-made meals offers meal pouches in bulk for long-term storage and emergencies. Each pouch maintains its freshness and nutritional value.

Take other add-on food and combine them with these amazing premade meals, cutting down on preparation time and clean-up.

  • Wise Foods Grab N Go Bucket offers 120 servings per bucket and choose from delicious entrees or fruit snacks. This affordable food option offers a variety of good-tasting meals. There is an assortment of creamy pasta, stroganoff, baked potato casseroles, and plenty more.    

Freeze Drying

Freeze drying is a process in which a frozen sample is placed under a vacuum, and all water is removed; this process allows the ice to turn to vapor without going through a liquid phase.

The process is called sublimation and, combined with heat, is ideal for long-term preservation.

Common Drying Methods

These techniques are adapted across a broad range of foodstuffs, depending on the nature of the product.

In the early days of freeze-drying foods, ingredients were cooked so much that most of the taste and nutrients were cooked out.

The food was then placed in harsh freezers until ready to camp. High-efficiency freeze drying has been refined to keep the essence of food and its nutritional values. 

  • Hot Air Drying is a common and inexpensive method for drying food. The process can be done from home and is relatively inexpensive.
  • Sun drying is the oldest technique for preserving food. This method takes time to dehydrate fruits and vegetables, although it doesn’t preserve most nutrients.
  • Freeze-Drying is a process based on the sublimation effect. It is recommended for sensitive foods and preserves the most organic and nutritional properties. Freeze drying is a slow process and expensive.
  • Dielectric drying involves drying by microwave and/or radio frequency. This technique is for sensitive food to maintain all nutritional properties.


Freeze drying has been designated as one of the most efficient and effective ways to preserve fruits and maintain their nutritional values.

One of the most promising technologies is out of Japan, where scientists have developed microwave vacuum drying, a process that keeps fruit close to its original shape, color, flavor, and nutrition.

  • WiseFoods Simple Kitchen Freeze Dried Strawberries. Simple Kitchen fruits maintain their look and taste without artificial colors and flavors. The company uses an advanced form of freeze-drying that locks in more nutrition and flavor. Fruit pouches are sold in groups of six for easy storage. Each pouch contains four ounces of delicious fruit.
  • Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks keep the natural vitamin C and Antioxidants
  •  Wise Foods Banana Snacks, Freeze Dried. Perfect snack for outdoor camping

Final Word

Camping meals are a great supplement as well for bow hunters who want to ration their deer meat. Camping, hunting, and enjoying the outdoors have changed so much. Safety on the trails, communication in an emergency, and better equipment and food have transformed how we enjoy camping and hunting.

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