7 Dropshipping Chrome Extensions to Facilitate your Business

7 Dropshipping Chrome Extensions to Facilitate your Business

With 2.14 billion digital buyers all over the world, e-commerce has been taking over the business world by storm.

Hard work does guarantee success for an online dropshipping business, but smart work cannot be ignored either. Therefore, automation should be a top priority for you instead of putting hours into manual work.

There are currently 188,620 Chrome extensions, including dropshipping Chrome extensions that can help automate your business effortlessly.

This article will discuss them in detail and explain how they can help you achieve your goals.

What are Chrome Extensions & Why Should You Use Them? 

Dropshipping Chrome extensions, as their name suggests, are small additions to your browser that help you perform tasks that are very difficult to do otherwise.

They add new features to your browser that help you complete your tasks efficiently and effortlessly. Just like Google Trends help to stay current with the market drift.

Businesses should use dropshipping extensions because they help them quickly add products from supplier catalogs.

They also allow them to keep an eye on the prices to avail of the best possible deals. Moreover, dropshippers can also add new products to their inventory whenever they become available and keep track of their sales and inventory data too.

The Best Dropshipping Chrome Extensions 

1. Alitools Shopping Assistant

One of the most popular dropshipping Chrome extensions, Alitools brings you everything in one place, such as price, history, and similar products.

It goes behind basic product research and displays seller ratings to help you find reliable suppliers.

It helps you find identical products at lower prices and will also help you detect changes in prices.

Once you have opened the extension installation page, just click on install, and Chrome will add the eCommerce extension itself.

Since it receives its commission from store clicks, you can download it for free. It provides daily order tracking reports and delivers discounts directly to your orders at checkout.

Moreover, it does seller verification, too, meaning you’ll deal with authentic sellers only.

2. Oberlo

Oberlo is one of the most sought-after dropshipping Chrome extensions, which you can find easily on the Chrome Web store.

It helps you work more efficiently by automating your business and searching through millions of AliExpress products, from where you can add them to your Shopify store seamlessly.

Once you add the products, Oberlo shows them instantly in your store. Don’t worry if you have multiple stores, as Oberlo helps you handle a multiple of them flawlessly.

If you want to track your profit margins, Oberlo has got your back. It has a price-tracker feature that helps you see if you’re getting the best deals. It will also provide you with data regarding stock levels, product reviews, etc.

3. Dsers

Dsers is another dropshipping Chrome extension that integrates well with Shopify and WooCommerce. Although you can use Dsers for free, it also has a premium version offered at different price points, offering more features.

It has a bulk order feature that allows you to place multiple orders simultaneously. Dsers syncs tracking numbers from AliExpress, which helps clients get the right information.

With its Multiple store management features, you can link all your stores under a single account, enhancing efficiency.

4. Shopify Spy

To run a successful dropshipping business, you must keep a check on your competitors. Shopify Spy helps you learn what they are doing, information which you can use to improve your own business.

If you want to precisely “spy” on your competitors, Shopify Spy can be your best friend. It provides you with information about products listed on other websites.

It is tailored specifically for Shopify and works seamlessly with multiple stores. By using Shopify Spy, you can easily analyze the products listed on other websites and learn about their prices, reviews, etc.

This is extremely helpful in searching for new products.

It offers a tool called Shopify Scraper Spy, which allows you to scrape any Shopify store and copy all its information to Excel or CSV within seconds.

5. CJ Dropshipping

Besides being a website and an app, CJ is also an eCommerce extension, which helps you import CJ products to your online store.

It helps entrepreneurs expand their canvas by allowing them access to a large selection of products. Moreover, CJ Dropshipping also has a community of developers who are always willing to lend a helping hand to each other.

By listing the products through CJ Dropshipping on your store, you get lower prices than AliExpress or eBay. You can also sync the orders with your store, which are sent through CSV.

6. AutoDS – Dropshipping Helper

AutoDS is a great way to manage your online store, especially if you use AliExpress dropshipping. It helps you import multiple products from AliExpress at once without having to do it manually.

For instance, if you want to import shirt prints from AliExpress, AutoDS can do it in a jiffy.

Once you’ve installed it, there will be an AutoDS button on the bottom right of your screen. After clicking on it, press “Extract” to import the product and repeat for any number of products you want.

It also allows you to add products based on their variants ID and multiple other features.

7. Grabley

For those interested in Amazon and eBay dropshipping, Grabley is a boon. It offers impressive data analytics and works all day to bring you insights into various products.

With its lightning-fast search tool, you can see the results within seconds.

It is also ideal for beginners because it doesn’t need much setup and pretty much works on its own once initiated.

Grabley also displays best sellers and hides the sold-out products under “currently unavailable.”


After reading about the best dropshipping Chrome extensions, we hope you have a solid idea of how to use these valuable items to their maximum benefit.

After playing with them yourself, you’ll be able to use them even more effectively.

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