OMG Sunny Leone Finally Reveals What Her Husband Felt About Her Past

No doubt that Sunny Leone got a good and gentleman, husband, who is a very caring and lovable person.

For dudes who don’t know who is her husband? Sunny Leone’s husband’s name is Daniel Weber, Sunny and Daniel get married in 201. Daniel Weber Weather is an American guitarist from Los Angeles, guitar’s his second love.

Sunny Leone is a woman with brain and beauty she tastes the taste of success with a lot of willpower and a positive attitude.

Before becoming the most sought-after actress and celebrity, who receive much love from inside and outside of the film industry, Leone had to deal with several ups and downs.

But, someone who supports her everywhere and every time, none of, other than, her husband Daniel.

But Supporting in daily life is a different thing and digesting the fact that your life partner is the famous face of p*rn movies is another thing.

So What Did Sunny Leone’s Husband Daniel feel about her past?

Responding to a question on the Mumbai talk show, Sunny revel this “Is it this fact, that Sunny was an a*ult star during the early days of her life didn’t affect Daniel’s feelings?”

Sunny finally reveals what her husband feels when she shows up with another guy in her p*rn movies.

Sunny Leone opens her heart and reveals that Daniel was not at ease when she had to work with other men in her ad*lt movies.

She said, “He’s been so considerate and supportive. In fact, because he wasn’t comfortable with me working with other men in my a*ult films, he started working with me and then we started our own company.”

Sunny Leone Husband

It was A few days back when the sunny husband Daniel Weber too shared his lovely story with Humans of Bombay.  His words were: “I grew up with the notion that family comes first. When I met Sunny & things got serious–I knew I wanted to have a family with her.”

Sunny Daughter

In 2011, Leone and Daniel got married by following Punjabi and Christian provisions. They have three children together. The couple adopted their first girl child in 2017 from India’s Latur in Maharashtra. Later, through surrogacy, the couple became the parents of two twins’ kids in 2019.

Sunny Leone also raves about a first date, according to her: “I was late for our first date. But like a gentleman, he waited patiently. When I reached and we started talking–there was the violin moment. The whole restaurant disappeared and it was just us. We spoke for three hours–it was like I’d known him forever.”

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