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Top 3 Best Industrial Frequency Converters to Use in 2022

Frequency converters have various applications in sectors such as transport, aviation, manufacturing, and several other sectors. These converters are also known as AC power sources and can convert fixed frequency into a variable frequency which complies with the needs of a certain power system. Over the years, the number of brands of frequency converters has increased and this can be attributed to the growth of industrial sectors and other sectors that depend on these industrial frequency converters

When shopping for frequency converters your budget, manufacturer warranty and the specifications which the frequency converters offer should be among the things that you should look for. Moreover, the noise levels, power consumption, and operating temperatures should be among the list of things that you should check.

We have scoured the web to find the three best industrial converters that you can use in 2022. No matter your requirements, you should be able to find a solid choice that suits your unique requirements, while also guaranteeing you efficiency and low noise levels.

1. Frequency Converter 500VA 115VAC 400Hz (MDS POWER).

This frequency converter is compact and is one of the best AC/AC 400Hz power supply-frequency converters that can be put into diverse applications that include ground support, aviation, transport, and industrial controls among others. Here are some of the standard features which this industrial frequency converter offers:

  • The output power of 500VA up to 3000VA.
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • Pure sine-wave.
  • Low output noise and reliability.
  • 60 hertz to a 400-hertz power supply.
  • Two years manufacturer warranty.
  • Offers an extended operating temperature of between -40° C to +65° C).
  • Offers the best ruggedization and conformal coating

2. Frequency Converter 500VA 115VAC 60Hz MDS POWER).

TheModel: FC500-60 from MDS POWER) is of moderate weight and is highly compact. It is designed to be put in a wide range of applications. Among its standard features include:

  • Universal Input.
  • The output power is between 500VA  and 2000VA.
  • It’s  generally light  in weight and  compact.
  • Pure sine-wave.
  • The noise level while operating is low.
  • It is known to be very efficient.
  • The manufacturer warranty of two years is applicable.
  • The  machine can  operate under  extended temperature ranges of between  (-40° C to +65°
  • Conformal coating and  ruggedization

3.10 kVA Three Phase 220V/380V Frequency Converter.

This brand from GOHZ is a 10 kVA 3 phase 220V/380V frequency-converter that can convert 50 Hz to 60 Hz easily and back for all those three-phase industrial machines using pure sine-wave. This frequency converter can also convert 220V to 380V/400V. This frequency converter is most suitable for use in diverse industrial applications and it’s considered to be amazingly reliable. It is famous for its efficiency and low noise level. The manufacturer warranty that is attached to this industrial frequency converter gives the buyers peace of mind.

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