Breast Sagging In Older Women

Breast Sagging In Older Women And Ways To Fix It

Womanhood throws a bunch of new challenges with every age. Be it menstruation, complexities, and bodily changes of pregnancy, menopause, or breasts sagging.

With the older generation, the appearance of your breast may change. So, you may be worried about whether the sagging is reversible.

Yes, you can slow down or completely reverse the sagging of your breasts. You can use quick fixes such as changing your diet and cutting down on smoking. Alternatively, you may consider procedures such as breast lift Sydney.

This procedure is simple, easy, and safe. The size of your breast would not get affected. The surgery will change the positioning of your breasts.

Many women in Sydney have undergone surgery and have been satisfied with the results. Read on to understand breast sagging comprehensively.

Explained: Why Do Breasts Sag with Age?

Doctors refer to breast sagging as breast ptosis, and the main factor contributing to it is age. Why? With age, your skin would lose its natural elasticity causing it to sag and wrinkle.

You will observe wrinkles and sagging in several parts of your body and not just your breasts. Plus, if you have a higher breast mass, you may experience sagging inevitably due to the effects of gravity.

Doctors and health practitioners have also observed other factors contributing to sagging breasts. Check out some reasons why your breast may sag.

  • Estrogen deficiency
  • Menopause
  • Collagen deficiency
  • Overexposure to the sun
  • A higher BMI
  • Rapid weight loss followed by rapid weight gain
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Smoking

Fact: Breast feeding does not contribute to breast sagging.

Fixing Saggy Breasts: Quick Fixes and Procedures in Sydney

Your breasts may sag, and you may want to change their appearance without implants. Many women in Sydney between 35 to 40 get some cosmetic surgery performed.

Take a look at the pointers for quick fixes and procedures you can undergo in Sydney for breast sagging.

Professional Bra Fitting

The bra is only a quick fix! A professional bra may not change the volume or appearance of your breast. Although, you may use them to support and lift your breast the way you desire.

Your bra size changes over time, so you must buy a bra after getting a professional fitting to support your breast.

Breast Lift

The procedure for effectively reversing sagging is a breast lift in Sydney. This cosmetic procedure is entirely safe. Your doctor would remove the excess skin and lift the breast naturally without any implants.

However, you can also opt for breast implants if you want them to look fuller.

Upper Body Workouts

A system of mammary ducts and breast tissues consisting of fats make up the mass of your breasts. So, exercise won’t increase or decrease your breast tissues.

Instead, the workout would enhance the muscles underneath your breast to make them firmer and define them.

Change Your Diet

Consuming a diet rich in antioxidants would improve the overall health of your skin. In addition, increasing the intake of fluids would also keep you hydrated and retain the fullness of your skin.

Note: No diet would undo the effects of gravity and completely prevent your skin from aging. Hence, you can consume a healthy diet to maintain the health of your breasts.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking has been prevalent in women in Sydney from 1996 to 2016, despite the declining numbers. This explains the several surfacing ailments related to smoking.

Amongst many, sagging breasts is a significant indication of the effects of smoking.

Tobacco breaks down collagen and contributes to sagging skin. So, the overall health of your skin is majorly affected.

This makes your breasts sag as the tissues get damaged. Hence, avoid smoking to retain the fullness of your breast and skin.

Wrapping Up

Breast sagging is inevitable, and most older women are likely to experience this. However, you can rely on breast lifts or quick fixes like push-up bras to beat the sagging. Do you want to enhance the shape of your breasts? Consider breast lift, Sydney!

It is also essential to understand that your breasts would naturally sag due to heavy mass because of the effects of gravity. In addition, the breakdown of collagen can also lead to drooping breasts.

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