Is Dental Tourism Worth It

Is Dental Tourism Worth It

Dental tourism is certainly on the upswing around the world, with several people with dental issues increasingly flying to neighboring or far-away countries that are offering high-quality dental services at affordable prices.

What is dental tourism – an Overview

Also referred to as dental vacation, dental travel, or cross-border dentistry, dental tourism is defined as moving to a country, other than one’s country of residence, to receive the top value for money dental care.

Nowadays, hordes of medical travelers incorporate a relaxing holiday with their dental treatment.

Since the prices for dental treatments in America and many Western European countries are very high, more and more people are considering quality, lower-costing dental treatments abroad, in poorer countries like those in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, or South America. According to a report, UAE Dental Services Market is rapidly growing every day.

UAE Dental Services Market is rapidly growing min
Medical Tourism growing in UAE

Best Country for Dental Tourism

For example, an increasing number of Europeans, Americans, and Canadians go to India, Thailand, Hungary, Romania,  Mexico, and Costa Rica (Costa Rica offers high-quality, affordable dental implant procedures. Teeth whitening treatment in costa Rica typically takes 1-2 weeks, with a success rate of 98%. Recovery time is usually 1-2 days. Prices for dental implants in Costa Rica are typically 50-70% less than in the US.)  to get dental crowns, dental implants, teeth whitening, root canals, etc. at easy-on-the-pocket prices and enjoy the stay.

The global dental tourism boom has led to the sprouting up of a number of medical-travel agencies and tour operators who offer very attractive and easy-on-the-pocket tour packages to foreign patients.

These packages usually combine dental care and the stay and come at a price 3 to 5 times cheaper than in rich countries.

Medical tourism is a burgeoning industry specifically in Asia, and some countries in the region are now known for their very attractive tourist destinations as well as their own specialty.

For instance, plenty of medical tourists visit India to get superb quality cardiac, eye, and dental care and enjoy a holiday in this exotic Asian country.

Dental Tourism – Benefits

Traveling to another country in order to get dental work is advantageous in many ways. Below are listed just some of the many benefits of dental tourism:

Cost Savings

Dental Tourism Prices – If you are uninsured, lack finances, or simply can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket for your dental care, you can get dental treatment in any foreign country without breaking your budget.

For instance, by traveling to Mexico for dental care Americans and Canadians may be surprised to know that it can help them save thousands of dollars, even when they factor in the entire dental procedure and travel costs.

Quality of Care

Just because you get dental services at cheaper rates doesn’t mean you have to settle for lower-quality care.

Many of the dental professionals practicing in popular dental tourism destinations have trained in the United States and are members of prestigious dental associations.

They are providing a quality dental treatment that is akin to that offered in the developed countries of the West.

Opportunity to Take Long Awaited Holiday

Seeking dental care in some tourist destinations gives you an opportunity to combine a holiday with getting your teeth fixed.

You can enjoy recuperative holidays post-dental treatment with the sum of money left from the difference in prices.

The leftover money easily pays for your travel, local transportation as well as accommodation and vacation activities in the destination country.

Patient-focused Service

There are plenty of medical tourism destinations that adequately cater to international patients, and have designed their facilities to provide their patients best possible personal care.

No Waiting Time

Some overseas medical tourism destinations boast one of the best and most efficient healthcare systems, offering offshore patients easy access to healthcare and quicker appointments with the best medical and dental specialists. So why wait to get dental care when waiting is not needed?

Also, overseas dental care allows you to get dental problems fixed in secret, reaching home with a brand-new smile.


The advantages of Dental Tourism are countless with lots of opportunities for patent and dentists.

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