Knowing What Could Impact You as a New Mom

New Moms Will Take Some “Damage”

You’ve likely seen this in the wild: a bird afraid for her young will act like she’s injured to lure off the predator so her babies stay safe. She might lead a cat half a mile away before flying back; she might nearly get caught a few times and lose some feathers. As the mother of a human, you’re going to have similar things impact your day-to-day.

Sure, maybe you won’t be running from some gargantuan predator in the wild, but you might have to deal with a fine, your toddler might throw a glass at you during a fit which produces a cut; the list goes on. Following we’ll briefly explore several common things that can impact you as a mother, and what you can do about them.

  1. The Financial Hit is Real

They’re currently saying about $273,000 is the bill you’ll end up paying to raise your child form infancy to adulthood. That’s around $1,263 a month, or about $42 a day.

Perhaps this is what Douglas Adams was referring to in his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books when it was revealed, sardonically, that the meaning of life is “42”. But how could he have known inflation would yield this cost for parenting in decades to come?

Of course, he didn’t; this is just a funny coincidence—if such things as coincidences exist. The point is, being a mom is expensive, plan for that. Find a way of earning an additional $350 a week, and you’ll probably cover the cost—provided inflation doesn’t get a thousand times worse in the next decades.

  1. There May Well Be Breastfeeding Discomfort

When you’re breastfeeding your child, you can hurt yourself unexpectedly. It’s surprisingly common to sustain a nipple injury while breastfeeding. Then there is mastitis to consider, engorged breasts and the pain which comes with them, raw paps, and babies that are born with teeth. It’s a good idea to get some help with breastfeeding before the baby is born.

  1. Community Impacts to Friends and FamilyUntitled 3

To protect your children, you might have to pull them out of certain classes in school. You might have to cloister them from other children. You’ve got friends and family now who you shouldn’t leave your children with unattended; those relationship may well dissolve, and it could be painful. Be prepared to put your children first.

That’s easier said than done, but if you know you may have to cut ties with certain institutions or people in advance, you’re likely to have less trouble in the moment of “truth” when it comes.

Overcoming Challenges for Your and Your Child’s Sake

Be ready to cut ties with certain institutions, and forge ties with others. Expect the odd nipple injury during breastfeeding. Know your wallet will be impacted by your child’s birth. With things like these in mind, the difficulties you experience as a new mom will be less challenging.

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