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Natural Sun Protection: Exceptional Mineral Sunscreens To Beat Sun Exposure

It cannot be stressed enough how essential sunscreens are for the skin. It has been one of the most recommended products in the skincare regime over the years.

Therefore, it should compulsorily be included in your skincare routine to get protection from sun rays and healthy-looking skin at any age.

The ultimate question here is which sunscreen is best for use. There are many sunscreens, but if you want mineral sunscreen for oily skin, explore the sunscreens at Lotus Organics.

Lotus Organics+ offers 100% organic products that provide exceptional results, so pick the best sunscreen and get the best skincare routine for yourself.

Why Mineral Sunscreen?

Both chemical and mineral sunscreens are great for the skin. But there is a reason why mineral-based sunscreens are better.

Chemical sunscreens are lightweight and get absorbed well into the skin. They are also famous for not leaving any white residue after application.

However, they do absorb harmful sun rays, unlike mineral sun protection. As a result, it is a great option and acts as a complete shield by deflecting the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them.

There are many other benefits of using mineral-based Based Sunscreens. On top of that, they don’t leave a residue and are light in texture, so it’s a winner.

Get The Best Organic Sunscreens From Lotus Organics

Lotus Organics products are devoid of harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances. Therefore, all the products are safe and suitable for all skin types without any concern. Moreover, they are organic and completely vegan, and cruelty-free.

Three different mineral sunscreens are available from Lotus Organics+:

  • Sheer Brightening Mineral Sunscreen
  • Ultra Matte Mineral Sunscreen
  • Hydrating Gel Mineral Sunscreen

Sheer Brightening Mineral Sunscreen

All the sunscreens are equally the best and are filled with excellent ingredients that are great for purified skin texture and soothing skin properties.

Sheer Brightening has SPF 50 PA +++. It has a unique mineral formula that can effectively fight against both UVA and UVB rays.

The main ingredient used is white peony, a fantastic source of benefits such as fighting against sunburning, tanning, or early aging signs.

In addition, it offers a lighter complexion to the skin and doesn’t leave any white cast or heaviness in the skin. Thus, it retains the natural glow and shine of the skin, making it look young and fresh.

Ultra Matte Mineral Sunscreen

With an SPF 40 PA +++, Ultra Matte also has a unique formula that helps to radiate the natural glow of the skin and gives a tinted effect that can be used to hide any dark spots or other marks on the face. It works well with the skin and gives a complete finish due to its matte effect.

This sunscreen is made from cranberries. The cranberries used are certified and are a great way to tackle any damage caused due to sunburns. It is also water resistant.

Hydrating Gel Mineral Sunscreen

Hydrating Gel, as the name suggests, is the right option to fight against UVA and UVB rays. It acts as a protective shield to your skin with an SPF 30 PA +++.

As an excellent pick for hot sunny days, it does have a light formula and texture. It keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized without any white cast.

Therefore, it is excellent for the treatment of dry and flaky skin. The main ingredient used here is organic frangipani extracts which keep the skin moisturized and hydrated for an extended period after applying the sunscreen.

Why Mineral Based Sunscreens Is Good For You?


The main highlight of these sunscreens is undoubtedly the main ingredients used in them. As an organic sunscreen, all the ingredients are organic. Therefore there is no concern or worry about applying it to the skin.

Furthermore, there will be no harmful effects as all the ingredients are tested and certified. The richness of white peonies, cranberries, and frangipani extracts keeps the skin moisturized and, at the same time, protects it like a shield.

Sustainable and Vegan

The products are not only organic but also wholly sustainable and vegan. Moreover, they are free of animal cruelty and other toxic chemicals, including sulfate and paraben.

Best For All Skin Types

Often acne-prone and oily skin people struggle to get a skincare product that works well with their skin type. As Organic Sunscreens, these products are fantastic for sensitive and oily skin as they won’t clog any pores and give any irritation to the skin. 


Mineral sunscreen can do wonders for your skin and make it look healthy and youthful. These products are multi-functional, meaning they can provide you with many benefits.

This is the right place for you if you are looking for an organic product with natural ingredients. So look no further and get Organic Sunscreens for oily skin for better results from Lotus Organics+.

FAQs About Mineral-Based Sunscreens

Is Mineral Sunscreen Actually Better?

The best protection is provided by mineral sunscreens since they really physically separate you from the sun.

How Often Should You Reapply Mineral Sunscreen?

Every two hours – In general, sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours, particularly after swimming or perspiring. You might not need to apply second-time if you work inside and are seated away from windows.

What To Look For When Buying Mineral Sunscreen?

In the Mineral Based Sunscreens, the active ingredients should have ONLY zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide minerals listed. if the product has both chemicals and minerals in them, consider these in the chemical sunscreens.

Why is Mineral Sunscreen So Drying?

Zinc oxide, a well-known astringent, is a crucial component found in mineral sunscreen, which can lead to dry skin during the summer session.

Do You Put Mineral Sunscreen Over or Under Moisturizer?

It is essential to apply mineral sunscreen following your moisturizer. The reason for this is that a physical sunscreen remains on the surface of the skin and does not penetrate it. Instead, it forms a protective barrier that shields your skin from UV rays by reflecting them.

How Many Years Does Mineral Sunscreen Last?

Mineral sunscreens typically last around Two to Three years if stored properly, away from heat and sunlight. Check the expiration date on the packaging and replace if expired.

Why Is Mineral Sunscreen So Expensive?

Mineral sunscreens are pricier due to the cost of ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which provide broad-spectrum protection. The production process for mineral sunscreens also involves additional refinement, resulting in higher prices.

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