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Pregnancy Massage And Its Common Myths

Melbourne is Australia’s second-most populated city and Victoria state’s capital city. According to statistics, there were 11.8 thousand massage therapists in Australia in 2015, which was forecasted to reach 16 thousand in 2021.

The demand for therapists is significantly high in major cities of Australia like Melbourne and Sydney. The number of massage therapists has grown enormously over the six years from 2015 to 2019. Reason- Massage therapies are prevalent in Australia.

Australians prioritise health care and well-being, especially pregnant ladies. So if you are pregnant and looking for a way to address your pregnancy discomforts, book an appointment with a therapist who provides the best pregnancy massage in Melbourne.

Importance of pregnancy massage

No doubt, pregnancy is a time to celebrate and be joyous as it is the beginning of a new phase in one’s life. It is the most crucial time for the mother and the child’s health.

Every mother wants the best for her unborn child, so she must eat healthily, exercise daily, visit the doctor regularly, sleep well, and stay happy.

However, a few of these things are easy to achieve, but some are not. Sleeping well and keeping yourself relaxed during pregnancy is vital, but due to pregnancy discomforts, most women fail to achieve it.

Many dramatic ups and downs come in a woman’s body during the nine months of gestation, so it is common to experience many bodily discomforts.

The good news is that taking maternity or prenatal massage during pregnancy can help relieve many discomforts like stress, muscle aches, pain, insomnia, etc.

However, it is yet to be accepted on a large scale, thanks to the myths in people’s minds about pregnancy massage.

Here are two common myths about pregnancy massage; continue reading!

Myth 1: Pregnancy massage cannot be taken in the first trimester

Therapeutic massage therapy is of utmost importance since it supports a woman through her pregnancy’s physical, emotional and spiritual changes.

The most physical and emotional changes occur in a mother’s body during the first trimester resulting from the increased weight, huge hormonal adjustments, changing posture and gait, and shifting centre of gravity.

This means a woman needs therapeutic massage the most during this time of pregnancy, but people refuse to take it.

In Australia, only 75% percent of women take pregnancy massage during the first trimester, assuming it can cause miscarriage.

However, there is no evidence that pregnancy massage can lead to miscarriage, and massage is not contraindicated during the first trimester.

Myth 2: During the massage, you have to lie either on your back or face down

This is wrong! The best pregnancy massage in Melbourne is specifically designed for expectant mothers keeping the pregnancy do’s and don’t in mind.

Extra care is provided during the massage to ensure no harm or discomfort is caused to the baby or the mother. No deep tissue pressure is applied to the mother’s body which is usually common in other therapeutic massages.

Moreover, the intensity of the massage is also reduced. The body posture of the expectant mother is kept different from regular massages; mainly, the lady will be on her side.

Before starting the massage, the therapist will take all details about the woman’s condition to ensure that neither the mother nor the baby is harmed and that both are comfortable during the entire session.

The childbirth rate in Australia by cesarean section has continued to rise from 34% in 2009 to 39% in 2019.

According to the health expert, the reason behind this is the poor health of pregnant ladies. So if you are one among them, vacate all such myths from your mind and make an appointment with the therapist today.

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