A Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom Castle Hill

A Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom

Castle Hill is a popular suburb in Australia with convenient transportation, good schools, and great shopping centres.

It is a liveable area with heritage-style and modern homes. As per statistics, about 8 million people have renovated their homes in Australia, including the residents of Castle Hill.

Meanwhile, there has been a considerable rise in renovations because many Australians consider it an investment.

But when you decorate your home, make sure you don’t overlook your bathroom. After all, the bathroom allows homeowners to finish and start each day.

Residents generally do bathroom renovations in Castle Hill to improve the home’s value and gain comfort.

Additionally, you can provide your bathroom with a fresh and excellent look. So, to achieve the renovation of your dreams, the following are a few factors to consider. 

Renovate Bathroom Castle Hill
Renovate Bathroom Castle Hill

1. Consider the Price and Leave the Renovations to the Professionals

Before deciding how to renovate, you must begin by considering the cost. Many of them might not want to spend an arm or leg for the bathroom renovations to save a couple of dollars.

You can indeed find services that provide you with renovations at an affordable cost. And hiring a professional renovation service can cost you approximately 15000 dollars.

But doing it on your own can give you stress, and you might have to take on a lot of responsibilities.

Also, when you do it on your own to save a certain amount of money, your renovations can go wrong, and you might need to buy different materials and tools.

So, you can consult experts and shop for high-quality and moderately-priced tiles rather than exorbitant ones.

Meanwhile, even though you take the help of professionals, make sure you pick budget-friendly options.

2. Install a New Toilet

You can renovate your bathroom by upgrading your toilet. And if you want your bathroom to appear as good as new, you must replace your old toilet with a new one.

Meanwhile, fewer waterline hookups are involved in the installation of toilets, but the most challenging part of installing them is moving them from one place to another.

Hence, you can contact professionals and plumbing services to get things done swiftly and efficiently.

3. Keep Space for Storage in Your Bathroom

Another critical factor to consider is the storage space in your bathroom. So, since storage space is mostly limited, a built-in shower slot is necessary.

As such, you can either purchase a precast niche or slot it between the studs, but make sure the slots can hold all your required items.

And if you have enough space and budget, you can also attain a vanity or cabinet for your bathroom.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the walls, you can install towel hooks, racks, shelves, linen closets, and so on. Well, it entirely depends upon the bathroom space and style.

4. Get a New Sink Faucet and Prefabricated Shower Unit

Installing new hardware is always an excellent idea. Similar to upgrading your toilet, you can install a new sink faucet and a prefabricated shower.

As such, sink faucets can be installed quickly and easily, and you can do it on your own too. But in case you don’t want to take the trouble of installing it, always consult experts and plumbers providing services such as bathroom renovations in Castle Hill.

A prefabricated shower unit is more economical than a site-built tile tub and shower. And these units can be shipped to your house in several pieces after being created in a factory. The kits come with three or two solid wall panels and a shower pan.

5. New Paint Job and Drywall

Before painting your new bathroom, you must ensure that new drywall is in place. And while choosing paints, consult the experts about moisture-resistant ones to prevent mildew and mould growth. 

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