Is Mosquito Coil Harmful to Humans

Is Mosquito Coil Harmful to Humans? Here’s What the Expert Says

A mosquito coil is an incense that is used to repel mosquitoes and it’s usually spiral-shaped and made using dried pyrethrum powder. The coil is held at the center, suspending it in the air so that it may smolder continuously. It burns slowly, from the outer section moving towards the inside section of the spiral, and in the process producing a mosquito-repelling smoke. On average, a typical mosquito control coil measures six inches in diameter and when used continuously can last between seven and twelve hours.

Is mosquito coil smoke dangerous to humans?

According to Dr. Cameron Webb, an entomologist the smell and signs of burning mosquito coils is a common sight during the summer, and the smoke, and also aroma which it produces helps to ensure that swarms of mosquitoes are kept away from your home. This mosquito repelling incense has proven to be working and has made it easy for homeowners to fight mosquitoes and stay at their homes. However, the insecticide that is used to make the incense is okay, but the product that is produced from burning the mosquito coil may be dangerous for your health.

How does mosquito coil work?

Mosquito coil is made up of several substances and besides the product that helps to repel mosquitoes, there is also a special product that helps to hold the coil together and smolder at a slow rate.

The coils work in two unique ways. The first way is that those which have insecticide will knock down mosquitoes, while the ones that contain aromatic substances which include citronella will cause rebellion, and this ensures that mosquitoes have very little chance to bite.

Over the years, there are many studies have looked at mosquito coils and their role in either repelling or killing mosquitoes. Although there have been lots of differences in the chemical components of the products and the techniques in which they are tested, they generally can reduce the number of mosquito bites that occur on people.

The only problem is- you will be able to reduce the problem of biting by mosquitoes, but in instances where there is disease risk or breakdown, you will need to look for ways to stop all the mosquito bites. This is where mosquito bite has proven to be deficient, and there is a need to combine them with other products such as mosquito nets which help to improve the effectiveness of mosquito control.

Health concerns of mosquito coil smoke

There have been murmurs about the adverse effects that burning mosquito coils may have on our health. While the insecticide product which is used is considered safe, the matter that is produced from the burning mosquito coil is what poses the greatest risk.

Results of recent research show that burning one mosquito coil in a room can be compared to smoking between 75 and 137 cigarettes.  This is a clear show that exposure is dangerous, but there are no studies about the effects of long-term exposure. The best thing is to ensure that you limit exposure to the mosquito coil smoke in the long run.

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