Mexican Inspired Interior

Creative Ways To Bring A Little Bit of Mexico Into Your Own Space

Mexico is a diverse country with a rich cultural heritage, beautiful people, and awe-inspiring scenery. It’s no surprise that people who visit the place fall in love with it and would want to remember their wonderful vacation.

Those who haven’t gone there are inspired by the vibrant colors and stunning architecture. Do a little shopping for Mexican-inspired pieces with the aid of the Chinese Freight Forward Zggship to bring a touch of the country’s charms to your home or office with the little additions we mention below.

A Colorful Bath

Talavera Tiles Mexico
Image Source: Pexels

While unconventional, starting your Mexican-inspired makeover with your bathroom is actually a unique and creative way to inject a little bit of the country’s colorful flair into your spaces.

Mexico is known for its Talavera tiles which were first popularized by the town of Puebla, Mexico. Authentic Talavera tiles are hand painted and no two tiles will look the same.

Nowadays, however, there are Talavera-inspired tiles that may be bought or ordered which can give you the same aesthetics as those genuine ones.

If you do decide to choose to install these tiles in your bathroom or sink area, you may also want to check if the hardware in your faucet, pipes, and types of valve fits with your chosen aesthetic.

This makes the little makeover more cohesive and helps you achieve the Mexican-inspired look that you are hoping to create.

You may also want to add in some rugs and other accents that may help tie in your vision for the room. If you’re not yet ready to commit to such a big area, try to incorporate these changes to your sink or an outdoor wash area.

Jazz Up Your Porch

Mexican Porch
Image Source: Pexels

This is another underrated part of your space that may benefit from Mexican refashioning. Mexican houses have some of the most romantic-looking outdoor spaces.

Many have roofed porches which often have terracotta flooring and real cascading vines on the walls or some wrought iron wall light fixtures.

You can replicate this without breaking the bank by incorporating inexpensive porch ceiling ideas. Consider placing terracotta pots and vases, some colorful area rugs, handcrafted seat cushions in your porch chairs, and even some flowy hanging plants or a Bougainvillea.

These plants are endemic to Mexico and will surely add a pop of color and a truly authentic Mexican feel. You may also put on some Mexican art and sculptures to bring it all together.

Other houses even incorporate handpainted tiles in the floors of their porch area. These will play well with the bright upholstery and iron hardware. Don’t forget to have romantic and classic-looking lights on your porch ceiling.

Think Pink

Mexican Pink Room Decor
Image Source: Pexels

There is a particular shade of pink that is associated with the country of Mexico that is aptly called Mexican Pink or Rosa Mexicano.

It is a purplish pink rose color that is reminiscent of the Bougainvillea flowers that dot the homes of Mexico. The color is commonly seen in Mexico’s architecture, fashion, and art.

It’s popularity from the 1940’s can be credited to the artist and designer, Ramon Valiosera.

You can incorporate this vivid statement color through paintings, throw pillows and blankets, accent furnitures, and even accent walls.

It can be paired with more muted colors or even with colors that are just as vivid, like cobalt blue, oranges, and yellows.

Greenery also looks well in contrast to the color. The color can be used to paint pots and vases or even serve as the backdrop for your plants. Cacti also looks especially beautiful with the color, especially those with equally bright flowers.

Tantalizing Textiles

Mexican Textiles
Image Source: Unsplash

Mexico has some of the most well-crafted and artful textiles in its culture. They are known for their woven and embroidered fabrics which are traditionally handcrafted.

Mexico has an array of patterned rugs which can serve as statement pieces on their own. They also have textured pillowcases, throw blankets, and ottomans that can add interesting pops of design to a plain and neutral living room, get them via international trade with the help of freight.

If you are into hanging art, they have a wide selection of tapestries and wall hangings that will not only serve as art pieces but are also great conversation starters.

There is a vast collection of different designs and styles so you will surely find pieces that will suit your taste and aesthetics.

Some pieces also work well with other pieces to create a cohesive yet diverse-looking collection that can blend well into your everyday home or work spaces.


A trip to Mexico really is a rich cultural experience for the books. Bring the wonderful colors and artistry of the country right into your own home or office with subtle but impactful changes suited for any room or corner of your space.

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