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How to Move Furniture Without Damaging the Floor

Moving furniture while relocating is one of the most strenuous as well as tedious jobs, as not only it is difficult to move such bulky household items but also because it can lead to damaged floors.

Most of us often opt for dragging the furniture as it is an easier way to get it transported from one place to another.

But no matter whether you have used carpet, tiles, or any other material for flooring, such manhandling of furniture can leave marks behind.

Also, this act can not only ruin your floor but can also lead to damaged ceilings, doorways and at worst can lead to accidents as well. 

Thus it is really important to prepare well and strategize the movement so as not to harm anything and anybody around.

Move Furniture Without Damaging the Floor

To help you out with the same here are some of the tips that can prove to be helpful:

  • Don’t hesitate to seek help: Moving furniture is not for faint-hearted people if you are planning to relocate all by yourself then be prepared for a lot coming in your way.

    Doing it yourself is certainly not a good idea, you can end up hurting your arms, shoulders, or even back. Thus the best way to move furniture without any harm or injury is to ask for help from your friends and family.

    If you are unable to find sufficient help from your friends and family then we strictly recommend you seek professional help.

    Professionals are trained and well experienced, and they can easily perform this job without damaging or hurting anyone.
  • Dismantle: If your furniture can be segregated into pieces then it is highly recommended to transport it in pieces rather than transporting it in one piece.

    Lifting it as it is can be dangerous, however, while transporting do not forget even a single piece of the furniture else the entire piece of furniture will become useless.

    A few examples of such furniture include a bed where you can take a frame separately and a headboard separately. Similarly while transporting you can always take out drawers from the dressers to make things easier.
  • Make way for furniture: While moving furniture make sure that there is enough space to lift and transport the same.

    There should not be any hurdles as at times because of the size of the furniture it becomes really difficult for people to see what is in the way that can lead to an accident.  To avoid any such instance you must keep the aisles, hallways, and doorways all clear.
  • Use cushioned material: Before moving such bulky items, it is recommended to use a material that acts as a cushion to the furniture saving it as well as the floor or ceiling from getting damaged.

    In the market, you can find a variety of such materials but if you don’t want to spend any additional money you can always use things like blankets, towels, bedsheets to cover such material to save it from any kind of damage.

To move your furniture successfully to your new house all you need is the right type of supplies as well as the right kind of planning to avoid any kind of damages or injuries.

However, if you aren’t sure how to make the process safe, you can anytime ask for help from the best Online Moving Companies.

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