Types of Commercial AC Units

Types of Commercial AC Units

One of the most pronounced effects of climate change has been heating the Earth’s surface. Many countries across the world have witnessed higher daytime temperatures as a result.

These high temperatures could cause fatigue and irritability in professional scenarios and affect the employee’s overall work output.

To avoid these conditions, facilities like a commercial AC unit become an integral part of a commercial building. There is a wide range of options available in the market. Here are some of the most common types of AC units:

Rooftop Systems

If the total space for the AC unit installation is limited, users can go with this cooling system.

These systems are installed on the roofs or terraces used for buildings with many floors.

The maintenance of these systems could add to your expenses. As these systems are placed outside, they need to be regularly checked. In case of any form of contaminants present, the filter will require immediate cleaning.

The main advantage of this system is that a single set-up can cover multiple areas at once. For example, an office with many floors will require only a single rooftop system to provide air conditioning throughout the building.

VRF Systems

The Variable Refrigerant Flow system is an AC unit that allows regulating temperatures in different building areas.

These systems are installed inside the building, and their set-up involves many units directly connected to the central unit. This main unit consists of a refrigerant that could use CFC’s or even HCFC’s.

Based on the buyer’s requirements, the size of the individual units can be modified to suit their building needs. The temperature across different rooms or parts of the building is controlled from a single controller.

Ducted Systems

The ducted AC systems are the most commonly used AC units. These systems are installed into the building layout.

The ducted AC unit merges with the walls of the building, giving a pleasant look. These systems are capable of cooling large spaces within a short time frame.

These systems provide only minor disturbance when compared to the other AC units. They can function without creating too much noise.

These systems are also centrally controlled and easy to handle. There are no complicated instructions that need to be followed to operate them.

FCU Systems

A Fan-coil unit is an AC unit that utilizes two elements – a fan and a coil. The coil is mainly made of copper. They can be used in areas where cooling is required or confined to a particular space.

These units are commonly used in restaurants as they do not require close temperature monitoring. They can be controlled manually by a switch.

These units are some of the most basic AC units available in the market. They are easy to maintain and are budget-friendly as well.

Final Words

While many AC systems are available to buyers, each commercial AC unit comes with its benefits.

Based on your specific needs and requirements, you can decide exactly which AC unit you would like to buy!

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