Sell House As-is

What Does It Mean to Sell Your House As-is?

So, you are thinking of selling your house whether you want to relocate to a new city, have found a new job, or want to upgrade to a bigger house.

You may have encountered the term sell a house as-is, and you wonder what it means or entails. Worry not. You will learn about everything to do with selling a house as-is and its advantages.

Selling a house as-is

Selling a house as-is means that you are selling it in its current condition without undertaking repairs, renovations, or improvements before the sale.

Some of the reasons to sell your house as-is are that you don’t have the money to facilitate the improvements and want to sell the house as fast as possible.

For instance, when you need to report to a new city for work or move quickly, you need to find a way to sell the house fast.

You may also be motivated to sell an inherited home as-is because you don’t have the time to make improvements prior to listing it for sale.

Selling a house as-is could mean different things to different people. For many, it means selling the home fast without a stressful process.

It could be simple, like moving your stuff, leaving the key on the doormat, and taking a leave. The process is fast because you don’t have to market the house, advertise, conduct showings, and go through other hassles of selling a home.

Who buys houses as is?

Almost all we buy houses in San Jose companies will offer to buy the property in cash, saving you a lot of time and money.

Some property investors prefer to buy houses as they are in cash for flipping purposes or renting out for profits.

In other cases, developers buy houses listed as selling as-is because they are not interested in the house but in the land.

Some regular buyers who have the means to renovate or tear down a house and start over are also interested in these types of sales.

Few young families who cannot afford expensive homes prefer buying such houses and facilitating the renovations themselves.

Useful Tips For Selling A House As-Is

If you intend to sell your house as-is, here are some tips you can use.

  • Has the house been inspected before listing it to know the repairs and renovations needed and the approximate costs for fixing them, which helps in determining the price?
  • Be honest with the buyer about the condition of the house. You don’t want to get into legal trouble by not disclosing everything to the buyer.
  • Identify the strong points about the property.
  • Set a realistic price. Do not price the property too high or too low. After all, you want to sell the house as fast as possible.


Selling a house as-is advantageous for you because there is less work involved, fewer people to deal with, and less paperwork to handle.

That saves you the stress of a lengthy house-selling process, especially when you want to move out quickly.

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