Host IT Smart Review

Host IT Smart Review: The Best VPS Server Hosting Provider

A growing business is a sign that you are putting your efforts in the right direction. Once your website starts gaining more and more traffic, you will need to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting.

Yes, With the increase in traffic or your website requirements, there is no need to upgrade to a dedicated server directly.

VPS acts as a bridge between shared & Dedicated servers, and it is not for everyone. For that, you must understand the difference between VPS and a Dedicated Server.

When you buy VPS hosting, you can choose from two options, Managed VPS & Unmanaged VPS hosting.

Before we go ahead, Let’s understand Managed & Unmanaged VPS hosting!

Let’s take a gander to clear your doubts about the difference between Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS.

Opting for an unmanaged VPS puts the accountability of managing the server on your shoulders. It will also require you to have a sound knowledge of the technicalities or an IT team to take care of your behalf.

On the other hand, with Managed VPS hosting, you have to choose the functionalities you require, and the service provider will take care of everything.

The option is best for those without decent technical know-how or a dedicated IT department. With managed VPS hosting services, you can be worry-free about updating the OS and keeping your website updated.

Choosing Between The Two – What is Best For You?

Suppose you opt for a fully managed VPS hosting provider. In that case, you have a dedicated team at your service for managing all aspects of VPS hosting so that you can utilize your valuable time and resources on other business processes.

Advantages of Managed VPS Hostings

As the name implies, Managed VPS Hosting is a managed service that relieves you of any server management-related concerns. When you choose managed VPS hosting, your service provider takes care of server upkeep tasks including updating the server’s operating system, installing applications, backing up data, and more.

Top 5 Mind-blowing Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting

  • Compliance: The Managed VPS hosting service provider is responsible for the open-ended compliance requirements.
  • Scalability: Managed VPS Hosting can accommodate the needs of growing businesses at each stage.
  • Security: Implementing Managed VPS hosting reduces the risk of online exposure to viruses and hackers and prevents simple oversights. There is constant maintenance running in the background.
  • Skilled Experts: Your provider can help keep team members educated and updated on the latest IT threats and opportunities.
  • Technology Forward: With Managed VPS Hosting, you get access to the latest technology without investing more money periodically.

The advantages speak for themselves as to why choosing a Managed VPS Hosting is beneficial for your business. Have you been searching for Managed VPS hosting service providers for a while?

Well, your search ends here!

Try Host IT Smart’s VPS Hosting Services

Host IT Smart was established in the year 2012 to provide top-scale domain and host services to its valued clients. Armed with superior infrastructure and unbeatable network security has made it a leader in the industry.

Host IT Smart is an experienced and trusted VPS hosting provider, ideal for small or large businesses. It brings to the table full-featured Windows and Linux VPS hosting solutions without burning a hole in your pocket.

Host IT Smart offers both Managed & Unmanaged VPS Hosting services. If you are looking for Managed VPS hosting, You have to select their Managed services option in configurable options.

While, If you are looking for an unmanaged VPS, then you have to select their predefined configuration as unmanaged VPS hosting.

The best part with Host IT Smart is that they offer you the best-required support even in an unmanaged VPS, that’s why we recommend Host IT Smart as the best VPS hosting for businesses.

Host IT Smart offers OpenVZ Virtualization & KVM Virtualization in VPS hosting. Both are the most robust virtualization that helps for powering websites with the fastest speed.

Competitive Advantage of Host IT Smart’s VPS Hosting Services

The company walks the talk and offers your website the features that give you an edge over your competitors:

  • It provides super-performing enterprise-Grade Hardware.
  • 2X speed with Enterprise SAS SSD Drives to store website files, databases, emails, and more.
  • The latest 2X16 Core Xeon Gold Processor
  • Wide range of OS selection
  • Support for IPv6
  • Customizable and Dedicated backup plan
  • DNS / PTR Records
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA

Here are the Pricing and Features of Host IT Smart

Host IT Smart Standard VPS Hosting

Standard VPS Hosting is OpenVZ Virtualization

Host IT Smart Pricing and Features

Host IT Smart Enterprise VPS Hosting

Enterprise VPS Hosting is KVM Virtualization

Host IT Smart Enterprise VPS Hosting

If You are looking for VPS for specific Windows?

Have a Look at the Windows VPS Plans by Host IT Smart:

Windows VPS Plans by Host IT Smart

Final thoughts

With Host IT Smart’s VPS Hosting services, you get the best features, guaranteed low prices, and customer support available 24*7. You get complete privacy and total authority over your server and resources.

What’s more, you ask?

The availability of a data center near your location. The closer proximity results faster and better experience for your website audience. You can select from their center in India and the US that are monitored round-the-clock.

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