InterServer [Features, Advantage, & More]

Details Overview of InterServer [Features, Advantage, & More]

InterServer is a relatively well-known web host that debuted in 1999. InterServer is well known for offering incredible value for money, as its hosting services include a variety of bonuses without trying to charge a fortune.

However, selecting a good web hosting service is more complex than that; you must also consider server stability, customer service dependability, and long-term affordability.

This InterServer evaluation will look into well, how InterServer needs to perform in the most important aspects of web hosting, such as durability and user experience.

By the end, you’ll know whether InterServer is the best hosting service for you or not.

Let’s get started.

InterServer was founded in 1999 by two passionate technology enthusiasts. Despite its unpopularity, InterServer is one of the finest web hosting providers in terms of cost value.

The company has also received numerous awards, including recommendations from review organizations such as WebsitePlanet, HostingAdvice, and

Furthermore, InterServer has a 4.7-star overall score on TrustPilot, depending on 1,193 customer feedback.

Here Are The Best InterServer Benefits.

While some users appear to dislike InterServer’s user interface because it is unappealing, the majority of users appreciate its dependability and performance at an affordable price.

InterServer, an established hosting server, provides various hosting services such as Windows hosting, shared hosting, VPS servers, and dedicated servers.

InterServer also provides distributor and colocation hosting services.

Interserver’s shared plans start at $2.50 per month and include extras like free storage, infinite email accounts, a simple website builder, SSL Certificates certification, as well as 450+ one-click setup apps.

Another significant addition is the money-back guarantee and Intershield protection.

Rapid loading speeds

InterServer has been in business for decades and understands that users want lightning-fast page speeds for their web pages.

Visitors are impatient, and they do not want to wait sometimes a few seconds for a site to load. In fact, 42 percent of users abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load.

With this in mind, InterServer hosting has implemented technologies such as SSD storage drive, LiteSpeed, and Cloudflare integration caching to ensure that its servers provide fast data transfer.

Storage on SSD

SSD storage drives are significantly more efficient than traditional hard disks and provide faster data transfer rates.

However, because they are more expensive, SSD-powered hosting services are usually more expensive. InterServer offers its customers low-cost access to quick SSD hosting.


Cloudflare is a new tech that distributes your website’s data across multiple servers around the world.

It enables a user to be served from the closest server location, resulting in fewer network interruptions and a higher data transfer rate.


Finally, LiteSpeed is a website accelerator plugin that includes a number of optimization functions to enhance the loading performance of a website.

It is thought to be more effective than alternatives such as Apache caching and Varnish.

Consistent Server Uptime

It is unlikely that a user will return to your website if it is unavailable during their visit. When a website is quite often unavailable, search engines such as Google are likely to penalize it because it does not provide a positive user experience to guests.

Though InterServer’s average uptime has not been stellar in the old days, it has significantly improved.

The provider’s average uptime is around 99.9 percent, which is fairly stable. Not only that, but you also receive a 99.9% uptime guarantee; if InterServer fails to deliver on its promises, you’ll get free credit.

Strong Security Measures

It is critical to protect your personal information and crucial business data when creating an internet website.

Because there are so many cybercriminals and hacktivists using the web to steal data, numerous security tools and options are available.

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