Get Cash by Clearing Your Clutter

How to Get Cash by Clearing Your Clutter

There are two great reasons to get rid of stuff. One is to have more room in your home and the other is to have some cash in your pocket.

 They both are beneficial and worth the time and effort involved in purging. Whether you do it annually or every couple of years, selling what you don’t want is helpful financially and may be just what another person has been searching for.

That planter from Aunt Ruth was never your favorite but might sell online for enough to cover a nice dinner out with your dad. Spending time getting rid of excess will give you money to spend on what you want. 

1. Let Go of Your Collectables

When you were a child, it was wonderful to get a special doll or car for your birthday. That Mattel logo was the highlight of your celebration and you added the present to your growing collection.

Or maybe you liked to collect stamps, baseball cards, or other types of toys that are now worth much more than the original price tag.

Selling these items online could bring in hundreds of dollars depending on their condition. If your interests have changed and you no longer want these collections, dust them off and put them up for sale.

Take high-quality photographs and describe in great detail how awesome the pieces are when you market them. 

2. Make Some Closest Space

Clothing can be resold online with a variety of different companies or through a consignment shop that either gives you money for the pieces they accept, or gives you a cut of what they make when items sell.

Some internet clothing spaces offer their services for free while others charge a fee or a percentage of the selling price. The advantage of selling online is the convenience factor of working from home.

You don’t have to find buyers because you are posting material that people come to those sites looking for. This can be a quick and easy way to make some closet space and cash at the same time.

High-quality photographs and descriptions are key here; too, so make sure the lighting is good on your clothing.

Be honest about the shape of the clothing so that you build a good reputation and people will be happy to buy from you again.

3. Rent a Table or Two

Flea markets, craft shows, and fundraisers are all opportunities to rent a couple of tables and fill them with everything you want to clear out. The advantage to this is the focused time commitment involved.

Once the show or market is done, so is your work. You can also hold an old-fashioned garage or yard sale and unload some stuff that way.

The human interaction selling this way can be tons of fun as you watch the teenager from across the street asks his mom for your lava lamp.

You can mark the prices higher on pieces that are special to you and be prepared to bargain if someone is really interested.

If you rent space at a fundraiser, you can suggest donating part of your profits to the cause. In addition to the fee you paid for renting the space, the organization will be happy to have you know they will benefit from your sales. 

Go through your closet, your storage space, and your cupboards, and pull out all the things you don’t use much.

Imagine what life would be like without them and then make a pile of the items you will not miss. Purging yourself of unnecessary stuff is good for your home, good for your wallet, and good for the economy because it keeps things flowing.

You can sell anything you want, from old pillows, blankets, and books to shoes and colorful socks. One of the dolls in your collection might make another child or fellow collector very happy this year. 

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