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How Can Australia’s Medical Staff Make The Best Of Their Holiday Celebrations?

Christmas holidays are always a special time for joy and celebration. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for medical workers and other essential personnel who must stay back and keep infrastructures running.

Hospitals don’t get a break just because it’s Christmas, nor do the doctors and nurses. But, they can make the best of their holidays by putting up hospital decorations, exchanging Christmas gifts, and taking the initiative to buy Christmas scrubs to make medical staff embody the Christmas spirit.

Health workers are the most underrated workforce in the country, and the effects of the COVID pandemic are starting to take their toll on them.

However, there are several different ways that nurses and doctors can bring the holiday spirit to their patients. Take a look at some of the best things hospitals can do to celebrate holidays at the healthcare organisation itself:

1. Get Those Decorations Out

Christmas trees and lights, wreaths, turtle doves, artificial snow, and figurines; get them out and start decorating the walls, doors, and everywhere if possible.

It’s not a surprise that people find healthcare buildings drab and boring; putting up all these decorations will liven the place up a bit.

Plus, the holiday decor will cheer patients and hospital staff unable to celebrate Christmas in the comfort of their homes. Just to be safe, ensure that these decorations are clean and sanitary, as patients may touch them when they check them out.

It’s better to start decorating at least a week before Christmas so the medical staff can enjoy their holiday season without any unnecessary distractions.

2. Try To Look The Part

Nurses and medical officials can buy Christmas scrubs and get into festive attire. Hospital staff can also host dress-up parties where they can hold small competitions and events and bring to light other scrub ideas.

Keeping the atmosphere fun and joyous can help do away with the dull and gloomy mood of people. Additionally, wearing festive attire will help patients enjoy the Christmas season with the staff and lift their spirits.

Don’t underestimate how effective a simple Christmas attire is in changing the workplace mood for the better.

3. Blasting Christmas Music

If the hospital has a speaker system that blasts music, it might be a good idea to play Christmas music throughout. There will be hundreds of radio stations in Australia that will play Christmas music continuously for days on end.

Waiting rooms and hallways are great places for Christmas music to be played. Festive music is always fun and will help boost the mood and morale of patients and the staff.

Playing movies in the waiting rooms or other areas where there is already a TV is also a great idea, so get those Christmas comedy classics.

Bringing in snacks and treats for patients and hospital visitors is also beneficial. Pediatricians can use candies and lollipops for children, and hospital staff can prepare additional treats for Christmas.

Take care not to include any ingredients that may be detrimental to the patient’s health, and avoid common allergens.

Thanks to the advancement in digital technology, the medical staff can also use online platforms to host events and group parties for patients who cannot get out of bed or come in contact with other people.

Don’t let the hospital atmosphere dampen the Christmas spirit; take advantage of everything to make the holiday season as fun and joyous as possible.

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