Bridal Shoes Of Your Dreams

An All-Bases Covered Guide To Finding The Bridal Shoes Of Your Dreams

You are all set to usher in a new chapter in your life. With your wedding day just around the corner, there’s a lot of shopping to be done – a drop-dead gorgeous wedding gown, stunning bridesmaid dresses, the best flowers in town – and, lest we forget, shoes!

From complementing your bridal dress, and making a fashion statement, to helping your feet endure what promises to be a long day, a lot is riding on those wedding shoes. And that’s why you need to score the perfect pair.

Are you stuck? Don’t worry, as our all-bases covered guide is here to help you.

The 5 Ways to Land the Wedding Shoes You Want

Now, what’s the best way to go about finding a pair of shoes that’ll make your wedding day even more special?

Here’s a quick and curated list to get you started:

1. Stay in Sync with Your Style

Every bride has an elaborate wedding style all chalked out. So, ensure that your bridal shoes fit the template.

For instance, if you want to channel the spirit of spring on your wedding day, you’ll need to look for shoes with a floral pattern.

Similarly, if you are having a themed wedding, your shoes will have to fit the bill, just like your dress. Thus, it would help to have your bridal style or wedding theme in mind while hunting for shoes.

2. Be Clear About What You Want

It is incredibly easy to get overwhelmed by all the wedding shoe types out there. You have to decide whether to wear pointed heels, ballerinas, flats, pumps, or sneakers.

That’s why you need to know what you want. For example, if you cannot walk very well with heels, it is sensible to ditch them and opt for something else instead.

Here’s a pro tip: Try to pick a shoe type similar to the ones you use every day.

3. Get the Size Right

Take a pause, and visualize your wedding day. Think about everything that’s involved – the long and dreamy walk down the aisle, the wedding ceremony, the co-mingling with guests, and the much-awaited reception dance with your partner.

Now, imagine doing all that by wearing shoes that are either too big or small enough to torture your feet.

Not very appealing, right? An easy way to avoid this is by getting wedding shoes of the correct size. Make it a point to try them on several times until you’re sure about the size.

The Where and the Who

If you’re particular about brands, you’ll need to think long and hard about where you’re going to buy your bridal shoes.

Make a list of the brands you resonate with, and scan their stores to see what they have to offer.

Alternatively, you can ask an independent or freelance designer for the job of creating customized shoes for you. In short, store-bought or custom-designed – do what feels right to you.

The Early Bird Gets the Shoes

Don’t let your bridal shoes be the last thing you tick off your to-do list. Plan and shop for them as soon as you can.

By doing so, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance to select from the chosen options available.

You should prioritize shoes along with your wedding dress, especially if you are getting married during a peak, wedding rush hour season.

Wrapping Up

To score the wedding shoes of your desires, all you need to do is stay true to your style, be particular about the shoe type and size, shop early, and decide where or who you’ll be buying from.

Despite your best efforts to find the comfiest shoes, they might end up hurting your feet. Follow these tips, and you’ll have the situation well under control – and then you can relax, bask in the moment, and have a blast!

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