Pink Diamond Facts

Facts About Pink Diamonds

Most natural pink diamonds worldwide are mined at the Argyle Mine in Western Australia, a well-known diamond mine.

In the past, they’ve been discovered in places like India, South Africa, Canada, Russia, and Brazil, just to name a few. After 2020, the Argyle mine should still be operating normally.

Incredibly, fewer than one percent of the mine’s output is genuinely Argyle pink diamonds, making them the rarest of all diamonds.

40 to 50 carats of pink diamonds are sold at auction each year, with a one-carat average weight. 80% of Argyle mines’ diamonds are in the form of gorgeous brown diamonds.

Keep reading to learn more about these gorgeous diamonds.

Pink Diamond Facts

Diverse Methods Are Used to Make Pink Diamond

The pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine come from a volcanic lamproite pipe rather than the conventional kimberlite pipe, from which most of the world’s diamonds are mined.

These Are Very Rare

There aren’t many naturally-occurring pink diamonds, but it’s a sight to behold when you do find them. According to current estimates, just 500 gem-quality pinks are left in the world.

Harder to Finish

Due to their more complex structure and higher polishing time, Argyle pink diamonds take three to four times longer than white diamonds to be finished.

It’s Not Known What Colour They Are

When a diamond is driven to the Earth’s surface, the structure of the diamond is affected, resulting in deformation, and this alteration gives diamonds their characteristic colour.

This is known as “plastic deformation” among scientists. Due to this defect, the stone absorbs light differently, resulting in a pink tint.

There Are Different Levels of Pink Diamond Creation

As with other coloured diamonds, Argyle pink diamonds exist in various colours and may be classified according to their intensity, depth, and brilliance using the same grading systems used for other coloured diamonds.

When the diamond’s colour is more vivid, its value increases. A Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond is significantly more expensive than a Fancy Light Pink or Fancy Pink Diamond of the same weight because of its more profound and intense tint.

Purple-pink and orange-pink diamonds are the two most common varieties. Due to this, there will never be another pink diamond that looks the same.

Extremely Important

Diamonds with a colour other than white are among the rarest, most valuable, and most expensive diamonds.

According to the mine estimates, the estimated price range is between $100,000 to $1 million for a one-carat pink diamond.

Cut, clarity, and form all go towards the final pricing. When it comes to the worth and pricing, the secondary colour may make a huge impact.

For example, if a pink stone has a brown secondary colour, it may be less expensive since it’s easier to find. On the other hand, a purplish-pink diamond may command a greater price.

Celebrity Examples of the Colour Pink

With its staggering 186 carats and the title of “world’s biggest cut diamond,” the Daria-i-Noor is one of the most well-known of these magnificent stones.

For centuries, this table-cut pale pink diamond was part of the crown jewels until it was returned to Iran by the Persian army in 1739. It is currently housed among Tehran’s Crown Jewels.

India’s Golconda mines are thought to have produced a 60-carat oval brilliant pink diamond known as the Noor-ul-Ain. In 1958, Iranian Empress Farah Pahlavi used it as the centrepiece of her bridal tiara.

At an auction in 2010, Graff Pink Diamond, a 24.78-carat fancy vivid pink stone, sold for $46 million.

A 12.04-carat Martian Pink sold for $17.4 million at an auction in 2012.

In 2005, the magnificent pear-shaped 25.02-carat Rose of Dubai sold for $6 million at an auction in New York City.

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