How Do You Teach Your Toddler to Dress Themselves?

How Do You Teach Your Toddler to Dress Themselves?
How Do You Teach Your Toddler to Dress Themselves?

You want to encourage your toddler to dress (or undress) themselves as early as you can because this allows them to choose what to wear.

At 18 to 24 months, they already know how to choose, so it is important what type of clothes you let them wear.

Meanwhile, the best thing to teach your child at a young age are independence, responsibility, and cooperation, and you can do that with the clothes they wear.

There are a wide variety of boys clothes. And if you want to encourage them to dress, their clothes should be easy to put on and take off.

But what should your kid’s clothes be like, or what features should your kid’s clothes have? Read through this article to find out.

Big Buttons and Buttonholes

Boys’ clothes should have big buttons and buttonholes. And with these, they can easily feel the buttons and learn how to insert them in the buttonholes. Besides, children are fast learners as long as you teach them.

Buttoning their clothes is a daunting task, but only if you do not teach them. So, let them copy how you do it so they can do it on themselves.

Clothes with big buttons and buttonholes are also visually attractive for children, and they would want to get the feel of it. As such, allowing them to do so encourages them to wear this type of clothes with this kind of features.

Elastic and Stretchable

Elastic and stretchable waistbands are much easier to put on and even take off, especially for children who are just starting to learn how to get dressed. With these, getting dressed would become a fun experience for them.

Elastic and stretchable waistbands allow them to put on clothes by themselves easily. Meanwhile, complimenting them for doing so will greatly boost their self-esteem.

Aside from that, even the neckline of the clothes should be stretchable. And if you ever have a hard time helping your child put on a shirt, then the neckline must be the problem.

Besides the fact that stretchable necklines help them get comfortable with their clothes, this also helps them wear them easily, minus the tantrums from irritation when they can’t wear the clothes properly.

Usable Pockets

Children do not use pockets, at least not yet. And while children do not use pockets, you can teach them about their usage.

Instead of letting them wear small bags that can be uncomfortable, having pockets for non-choking hazard toys would be better. Also, you can put a small handkerchief in their pockets which they can use when eating or after playing.

It allows them to get comfortable with safekeeping their things, an additional helping hand when teaching them independence.

Teaching your children how to dress and undress may seem like nothing because they are only kids. However, this can help them slowly as they build up character, even simple tasks, that prepare them for adolescence.

You are their guide to growing up, and it is better to teach them young. And who would have thought that clothes can do more than their supposed usage? However, it is crucial not to forget the most important part of children’s clothes, which is comfortability, because it means more than the clothes’ features.



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