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The article below discusses the height of Ted Cruz. Canadian-Born (on December 22, 1970, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz is popular across the United States as an American politician who has served as the United States Senator from Texas, A writer, lawyer, investment banker, and speaker.

How tall is Ted Cruz? A hot topic to discuss among American fans in the USA, and from other countries.

How Tall Is Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruze is 5’8″ tall, i.e. 177.8 cm and 1.77 Meters; most probably he is tall closer to 5’10”. According to an unofficial survey, 44% of people say he is 5ft 9.84 in or 177.4cm

First I would like to mention what the Washington Post mentioned in 2015 – “Ted Cruz, who had been pegged at 5’8″ but various reports, including from Post reporters, put at closer to 5’10”

What Did Fans think About His Height?

Ted fans have their own guesses about his height; some compare his height with Donald Trump’s height, and some with other co-politicians and even female fans compared with their own husband’s height.

While writing this article I have seen some interesting guesses about his height, a few I mention below.

  1. He Looks 1.5 inches shorter than Donald Trump jr. who is probably 5’11.5 and weak 6’0. Even considering cowboy boots he doesn’t look more than 5’10.5I’ve met Senator Cruz and he is certainly not 5’8. I’m about 6’1 and he wasn’t much shorter than I am so I would say somewhere in the 5’10-5’11 vicinity.
  2. I met Ted once while standing and recently while seated. He’s listed as 5′ 8″, but I got the impression that he was closer to 5′ 9″, based on my own height. He’s listed at 175 lbs, and that seems right, he looks fairly trim.
  3. Most of the time he is wearing casual clothes. My husband is around 6′ tall and Cruz was just as tall while wearing flip-flops.

Interesting Facts About The American President (And Runner) Height

He is 5’8″ (others say 5’10”). We have not had a president as short as Cruz in a very long time. The last one that was 5’8′ or below was William McKinley.

He was 5’7″ and died in 1901. Since 1900, the majority of times the taller candidate won. 19 winners have been taller, 8 were shorter, and 2 were the same height.

On average the winner is 1 inch taller. Obama is 6’1″, W Bush was 5’11 1/2″, Bill Clinton was 6’3″, HW Bush was 6’2″, Reagan was 6’1″, Carter was 5′ 9 1/2″, Ford-6′, Nixon, 5′ 11 1/2″, LBJ-6′ 3 1/2″.

Hillary Clinton is said to be 5’7″ but other sources say 5’5″ to 6″. Bernie Sanders is thought to be about 6 foot; some say he was taller in his youth, maybe 6’1″ or 2″.

Rubio is said to be 5’10” (many think that is a little tall, The Washington Post says he is really 5’8″). Trump is said to be 6’2″ (he says he is 6’3″).

However, when he stands next to people who are 6′1′′ he is clearly shorter. So, as usual, he lies. Maybe he was taller when he was younger. Jeb is 6’3″.

Kasich is about 5’9″, while Biden is six foot.


The answer is very complicated since lots of websites mention height mismatch, some websites change height later on the web pages. 5’10 is taller than about 58.6% of men and 97.6% of women in the USA.

It is assumed that Ted Cruz is 5ft and 10 inches Tall. Which is equal to 177.8 cm or 1.77 meters.

For reference, I use Washington Post as well as Cruz’s Wikipedia page details. Finally, I am damn sure Ted Cruz is taller than the height of an average American man.

how tall is ted cruz

Ted Cruze is 5’8″ tall, i.e. 177.8 cm and 1.77 Meters;

how tall ted cruz

ted cruz height is 5’8″

how tall is Cruz

He is 5 feet and 8 Inch

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