How to choose bridesmaid dresses that compliment the bride

[Updated Guide] How To Choose Bridesmaid Dresses That Compliment The Bride – In 2023

Bridesmaids are among the most important people in your wedding. They have helped you make your wedding day as perfect as possible.  

So, one great way to thank them is by giving bridesmaids gifts. Bridesmaid’s gifts can be anything from best bridesmaid dresses, and handbags, to jewelry.

Speaking of dresses, if you opt to give bridesmaids dresses as gifts for your bridesmaids, you should be careful about your selection as there are some common mistakes that many brides did when choosing bridesmaids dresses.

How to Choose Bridesmaid Dress
Choose Bridesmaid Dress

How to Choose Bridesmaid Dress: Quick Guide

In the past years, the same dresses are in for the bridesmaids. Many brides prefer the same dresses for their bridesmaids as they are making their way down the aisle.

However these days, most brides are getting more idealistic when it comes to choosing bridesmaids dresses.

Each maid might differ in shape, curve, and size of the body, so it would very ideal to select a perfect dress that is more suitable for each lady.

Not only the type of dress which should be considered but also the style that suited each maid. So, find the best dresses that feature styles, while maintaining great and complete coordination.

1. Color

Choose a color that complements the wedding’s overall color scheme and flatters the skin tones of the bridesmaids.

2. Style

Select a style that is consistent with the theme and formality of the wedding, and that flatters the body types of the bridesmaids.

3. Fabric

Actually, some fabrics are more suitable for warmer weather, while others are better for cold seasons. So consider the season and location of the wedding when choosing dresses for Bridesmaids.

4. Budget

set a budget for the dresses and stick with what you can afford and try to find a balance between cost and quality.

5. Bridesmaids’ preferences

Take into account the bridesmaids’ preferences and comfort level with the dress style and color.

6. Coordination

Make sure the dresses coordinate with the groom’s and groom’s attire.

7. Alterations

 Allow enough time and budget for alterations if necessary. Some dresses may require alterations for a perfect fit.

8. Availability

Make sure the dresses are available in the sizes and colors needed. Be sure to order the dresses well in advance of the wedding to avoid last-minute complications.

9. Bridesmaids’ preferences

Ask your bridesmaids for their choice of bridesmaid dress. Respect their comfort level as well as dress style and color.

Who Chooses Bridesmaid Dresses?

Brides tend to select dresses based on their favorite color, which is fine but it should still be balanced and coordinated. Traditionally, brides picked a white gown or one of a similar hue.

What color for Bridesmaids Dresses?

This often ends up letting bridesmaids wear dresses of the same color as that bridal gown.

Now, to ensure that bridesmaids would look their best at the wedding, instead of having specific colors for the dresses, select a color, which can make dresses look distinct, yet complete.

Practically speaking, bridesmaids dress doesn’t have to be something appropriate for the wedding day alone. You can select dresses that your bridesmaids could wear after the wedding.

They don’t have to hem or dye it, though. Instead, it is how they would complete it by matching and pairing accessories.

Never control everything for your bridesmaids. They, too, have their own personal preferences when it comes to their dresses. Consider what they want and what they feel they would look best.

Can Bridesmaids Wear Short Dresses?

Yes, bridesmaids can wear short dresses. Short dresses can a great option for a more casual or outdoor wedding, or for a wedding in a warmer climate. Bridesmaid shirt ideas can good ideas for wear at a bridal party.

It’s important to keep in mind that the style, color, and fabric of the short bridesmaid dresses should comfortable with the overall theme and formality of the wedding, and also should be comfortable for the bridesmaids to wear.

Why not shop together with your bridesmaids?

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses would be a fun and enjoyable time, where you can have some precious time with them while searching for the best dresses for them to wear on your big day.

Gifts for bridesmaids, bridesmaid dresses, don’t need to be very expensive. If you really opt for such gifts, make sure that it fits your budget. You can shop at a local dress shop, or online.

Make sure to find choices first, then buy. Now, to make it inexpensive for you, you can try to look for dresses at local shops, check all the details then browse the Internet to see if those prospected dresses are available online.

Online shopping is less inexpensive than what you will be paying when you shop at a local store. Aside from dresses, you can also find online gifts for bridesmaids such as beautiful personalized handbags, engraved jewelry gifts, monogrammed party shirts, engraved compact mirrors and etc.


Hope so this buying guide about Bridesmaid Dress Ideas will help you buy bridesmaid dresses that complement.  After all, your bridesmaids are important to you, and you want them to feel comfortable and happy on your special day. 

So, involve them to choose the dress and take their opinions when shopping bridesmaids and picking out the dresses for your special bridesmaids.

Do you wear a bra under a bridesmaid dress?

Although most good bridesmaids dresses have inbuilt cups, which helps flower girls a lot, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a bra, you can definitely wear a bra under bridesmaids’ dresses for little extra support.

Where can I get configurable bridesmaid dresses?

There are lots of retailers and online shops that offer configurable bridesmaid dresses. Which allows the customer to select from a range of options such as fabric, color, and style.

How long will simple bridesmaid dress alterations take?

A simple alteration of a dress for bridesmaids may only take a few hours, while more complex alterations may take longer. It is a good idea to plan ahead and take your bridesmaid dress to the tailor as soon as possible

Do bridesmaid dresses have to match the bride?

No, bridesmaid dresses do not have to match the bride’s dress exactly. They can be coordinated with the wedding theme and color scheme, but they can also wear different styles and colors.

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