Wow Your Audience: 9 Web Page Design Ideas for eCommerce Shops

Nearly 40% of people will stop interacting with a poorly designed website. In fact, another 38% judge a business based on how their website looks.

About 80% of shoppers will abandon their carts due to bad web design as well.

If you want to boost sales on your eCommerce site this year, you need a plan.

Here are nine web page design ideas that can help. With these tips, you can wow your target audience.

Then, you can entice them to start shopping, improving your ROI.

Don’t let bad eCommerce web design impact your business. Instead, give your business the boost it needs with these nine eCommerce website tips today!

1. Consider the Focus

Before you start using these web page design ideas, take a look at each page on your existing site. What’s the main purpose of each page?

If you can’t pinpoint a page’s purpose, your customers won’t, either. In fact, you might risk confusing customers.

They might turn away, taking their business elsewhere in the process.

Instead, make sure each page on your site has a singular purpose. That purpose should remain apparent in the:

  • Headline
  • Copy
  • Imagery
  • Call to action

Make sure each page has a singular, compelling call to action. Your call to action can encourage more people to start shopping on your eCommerce site.

Try to avoid using more than one call to action on each page. Remember, you don’t want to risk confusing customers.

Turn your call to action into an eye-catching button. Use compelling, urgent language to encourage immediate conversions.

For example, you can add “Buy Now!” to each product page.

2. Improve the User Experience

As you work through these web design ideas, make sure to focus on improving the user experience (UX).

A positive user experience will keep people interested and engaged. A negative experience, on the other hand, could scare customers away.

In fact, 88% of online shoppers won’t return to a website after a bad user experience.

Nearly 45% of customers tell their friends about bad experiences, too. If word spreads, your brand’s reputation could take a hit.

Better UX, on the other hand, could boost your conversion rates to 400%. You can generate more sales and improve your ROI.

You can improve the user experience with web design and web development ideas like:

  • Getting mobile optimizing
  • Adding an SSL certificate for security
  • Using white space
  • Using hierarchy
  • Writing with shorter sentences and paragraphs
  • Writing with headings and subheadings
  • Organizing ideas with bullets and lists
  • Improving your forms
  • Speeding up page load times

Consider working with an experienced web design and development team as you work through these eCommerce website ideas.

They’ll make sure your website offers a positive user experience.

You can encourage visitors to continue exploring your content, potentially leading to more sales.

3. Use Contrasting Colors

Color psychology can have a big impact on your eCommerce store’s success, too. As you work through these web design ideas, consider your web site background color.

Make sure to use contrasting colors between the background and font.

Otherwise, visitors might struggle to read your text. You could cause eyestrain, too.

Consider adding a dark mode option to your website. Otherwise, you can try other web design trends like monochrome color palettes.

Make sure the color palette you use matches your branding. Brand consistency will help brand awareness and recognition grow.

Otherwise, consumers might not recognize your business.

4. Place Offers Above the Fold

Consider using a heatmap to learn more about how people interact with your website. For example, you might notice the majority of interactions occur above the fold.

Consider placing your main offer above the fold. Anyone who visits that page will recognize the page’s purpose immediately.

You might want to add a short form or a call to action button to the top of the page, too.

Make sure your headline is strong, clear, and concise. Try to avoid getting too word, too. Instead, use power words that evoke emotions.

5. Make Sure It’s Mobile

As you update your website with these web page design ideas, make sure you’re designing with mobile devices in mind.

Run your website through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Make sure it’s optimized for mobile devices. If it’s not, look at how your website appears on smaller screens.

Consumers might struggle to interact with your eCommerce web design if it’s not mobile-optimized. You could miss a chance at leads and sales as a result.

6. Simplify Purchasing

Make it easy for visitors to convert into paying customers.

Try to simplify the purchasing process as much as possible. Make sure your buttons are eye-catching and easy to use.

Consider using A/B testing as you use these web design ideas. You can determine which strategies are boosting leads and sales.

Take a look at any forms on your website, too. Make sure they’re short and easy to complete. Avoid adding unnecessary fields to simplify the process.

7. Use Compelling Copy

As you update your pages, make sure to use compelling copy.

First, research your target audience. Make sure you understand their pain points and needs. Then, show them the solutions you can offer.

8. Establish Your Credibility

Update your page design by adding social signals, too. Social signals can boost your credibility. Consumers might have an easier time trusting your brand and choosing your business.

For example, you can add badges and customer reviews to your site. Consider sharing user-generated content of shoppers using your products, too.

9. Use Eye-Catching Imagery

Take a look at the images across your site. Are they sharp and eye-catching? If your images are old and outdated, swap them out!

Avoid stock photography, which can impact your credibility. Instead, use unique, sharp images. Consider hiring a professional photographer for help.

Appealing images can attract more people to your products.

Start Shopping: 9 Web Page Design Ideas for eCommerce Success

Don’t let an old, outdated website impact your ability to boost sales this year. Instead, give these nine web page design ideas a try.

With these tips, you can improve your eCommerce web design with ease.

Then, you can generate more leads and sales, setting your eCommerce business up for success.

Searching for more useful tips and tricks? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our latest guides today for more.

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