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Follow these 5 tips to keep you safe from rogue mobile app companies

Mobile application development has emerged as a potentially lucrative business. A high quality, user-friendly app published under your name will help you enjoy handsome downloads on the Google Play store and iTunes and make a pretty decent profit. Finding and hiring a third-party company to develop the apps you need isn’t a difficult question, as it’s virtually everywhere. However, not all of these mobile app companies are equally honest and efficient. Care should be taken with such substandard distributors. The following tips are useful App Companies in this regard.

1. Review your company’s performance-You can find the number of years the company has been running, the number of applications you have already created, and other relevant information on the website of the appropriate mobile app developer. Avoid choosing start-ups and choose ones that have at least 5/6 years of success. It’s not that the new company is inefficient, but an experienced company may handle your app project better. Why do you seize the opportunity?

2. Request a free quote-If there is no such provision, start looking for another company. Unfortunately, some companies charge relatively high rates just to provide quotes and quotes for customized mobile apps. If you don’t want to unnecessarily increase the cost of developing your app, avoid them (in any case, it’s not too low!). Try to get a free quote within a few days (maximum).

3. Check contact details-We recommend visiting the office of the app developer you plan to hire. However, that is not always possible (you may have chosen a company from another city / country). This highlights the importance of knowing the details of all your contacts. Apart from your address, the company website you choose must display your phone and fax number, email address, and Skype ID (if available). It is best to make a test call and send a test email just to make sure that the information provided is actually valid.

4. Inquire about your portfolio-It is always advisable to choose a company with cross-platform mobile app development expertise rather than a company that specializes in creating apps for a single mobile platform (such as iOS). Of course, if you need custom applications for more than one platform, finding the same company is a waste of time. Companies that regularly develop iPhone, Blackberry, and Android apps can also be long-term business partners.

5. Check the client’s voice and feedback-There are two ways to do it. First, check the website of the company you care about and see the client’s voice published there (actually every mobile operator has a “recommendation” page). If you find an introductory text for the video, listen carefully. Spam online marketing is not uncommon, so it makes sense to read feedback on some of the company’s apps left in the online store. Remember that the company can publish fake feedback on its website at any time-reviews from iTunes and the Play Store are probably much more authentic.

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