How do you Build a Document Management System?

So, how do you Build a Document Management System? What exactly is a Document Management Service or DMS?

The short answer to the question is, “It is software that helps you manage your digital records (drafts, images, text, audio/video, and applications).”

However, while most of these document management services store all your digital records on the cloud, they are more than just virtual cloud storage.

Document Management System

In actuality, most document management system on the market today can be considered part of a service but not strictly part of a cloud.

When most people think of cloud storage, they think of Google Docs or another instant, downloadable document management system.

These are cloud services, pure and simple. And while they may have certain similarities, there are several key differences as well.

In particular, the fact that you don’t download any files to your computer, the fact that it’s always on the web, and anyone can sign up for it to make these services very different from a traditional online document management system.

Now, if you want to start building a Document Management Service on the cloud… what should you look for?

To begin with, you need to find a company that offers several different document management systems.

For example, you might find one company that offers Office 365 and another that offers both Office and OneDrive, and so on.

If your company doesn’t provide any of these cloud services, you need to spend some time evaluating each company’s strengths and how their systems match your own needs.

Cloud Storage System

Consider the basic needs of your company. You’ll need a sound, well-designed cloud storage system that’s capable of storing, search, and versioning business documents, along with any other documents that are similar to those that you already have on your computer hard drive.

In addition to being able to search and retrieve your documents from any computer in the world, you need to be able to search and read your files from any device – such as your smartphone, or tablets or iPads, or even a laptop.

Along with searching and locating your files, you also want a document management system that is password protected.

Having password-protected documents is an absolute must, especially if your company has employees that access the internet and the company network.

The last thing you want is unauthorized access to your company information. Additionally, you also want to find a service that offers both document storage and document publishing.

It’s often difficult to manage a large business effectively when one-half of your staff is constantly printing documents that need to be shared, and the other half has the latest version of Microsoft Word.

The service you choose must allow you to make as many copies of each document as you need – so long as they’re all identical.

DMS Solution

Once you’ve determined that you need a cloud-based document management system, it’s time to decide what kind of DMS solution you want.

Some companies are using open-source software solutions, while others use proprietary methods that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per license.

Many businesses choose a cloud-based DMS service because the service doesn’t require licensing fees or additional hardware.

One of the most popular open-source DMS solutions is OpenOffice, which is extremely easy to use and has many features.

Not only does Open Office has a document management system built-in, but it also comes packed with a massive range of tools for editing PDFs. It’s also a free download.

Dropbox Platform

Another popular open-source DMS solution is Dropbox. Dropbox allows its users to make, access, and synchronize their files using the Dropbox platform.

This means that any team collaboration can be carried out without additional equipment – a must for businesses that often utilize multiple locations for document storage.

In addition, it eliminates the need for employees to have personal smartphones with email capabilities – again, another benefit for the growing number of businesses on the road.

Dropbox doesn’t use email for document storage; instead, it sends information to all of its team members through the Dropbox platform.

This way, data isn’t stored on personal smartphones – it’s safely backed up in Dropbox, making it highly usable in any situation.

Last Words

So, now that you’ve decided you need a cloud-based document management system, you need to determine how you’re going to build it.

Remember that there’s no single method that’s right for every business – each business has its own unique needs.

Depending on how your documents are used, you might find that a more robust system is more applicable to your business.

For instance, if you work on-site a lot or need access to various documents from across departments, then an email-based DMS might be best.

But, if your business is entirely virtual (or works on a sole-server), you might find that a file-hosting DMS is more appropriate.

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