Is Y2Mate Safe – To Download YouTube Videos [Reality Check]

Is Y2Mate Safe – To Download YouTube Videos [Reality Check]
Is y2mate safe

Knowing “Is Y2Mate Safe” is a must before u8sing this site to download youtube videos online. Youtube is the second search engine after Google and a haven for watching free videos online. EVERY MINUTE approximately 500 Hours of Videos are uploaded on YouTube.

Movies, music videos, recipes, cartoon or anime video content, Tutorials, and training programs attract users to download, but is downloading from youtube really safe? This article is about Is Y2mate safe,  to download YouTube videos online. Read the content completely to reveal the truth.

What Is Y2Mate?

Lots of people watch this website every day, but sometimes unresulting buffering of videos, or several ads pop up on the screen, disturbing you, and this leads to finding a way to download YouTube videos on a PC or laptop for watching later.

YouTube download website Y2mate solves all these problems easily by allowing users to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and dozens of other video streaming websites. Even,  by using a converter facility users can convert video before downloading. 

Sound great. Is not?

Of course yes. Why does anybody want to pay if the content is available free?

Is Y2Mate Safe

Reality Check Here:

Safety FeatureStatus
Email addressNot Available
Contact numberNot available
HTTPS StatusYes, the website uses HTTPS protocol
Redirect LinksYes have some redirects links/websites
Registration RequiredNo need for registration or login
Auto install softwareYes, it installs the virus and other suspicious programs, files, or software
Threat Level and TypePush notifications ads, Unwanted ads, Pop-up ads.

According to a report 2.3 billion users worldwide as of 2021 (Statista, 2021), and 500 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Video downloading and converter is awesome, but this website has some red flags for users listed below, which shows that Y2mate is unsafe for downloading YouTube videos.

  • Automatic Installation of potentially useless software or malware from visiting those questionable pop-up ads or by entering YouTube video URL in the address bar singled something is fishy.
  • Encourage users to install browser extensions.
  • Sponsored links that redirect you to the online games, adult content, and surveys are not safe defiantly.
  • Exposure to dangerous sites also can lead to serious malware infections and virus attacks.

This is the main topic of this article where we answer in detail, whether downloading videos from is safe or not.

To start with, we should investigate what is the reality of this website. The site has been around beginning around 2006 and has gained notoriety for being protected and solid.

Y2mate is a YouTube video downloading website designed to convert or download YouTube videos just by copying and pasting the streaming video URL you want to download. Steps in detail below:

Step1: Type in the browser address bar

Step2: Copy the link to the YouTube video you want to download

Step3: Paste the copied URL here, in the text box.

Step4: Convert/select file format (various formats like FLV, MP4, and MP3 existing to opt) like MP3, Mp4, or other similar formats

Step5: Download video(s)

Is Y2mate safe for Download Music?

Download music or MP3 only possible after; convert the videos in audios files formats. Videos Converting is not harmful, but after converting, you have to download the result MP3 or Audio file, and it is defiantly harmful as viruses or malware infect the computer downloading the files.

So, downloading MP3 or audio or music files from this site is harmful.

Is Y2mate Legit?

Although, downloading YouTube videos is an illegal and punishable offense. Y2Mate com YouTube video download platform allows users to find, convert, and download YouTube videos online.

This is an online download videos website that is similar to other popular sites that download videos audios and videos from YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, Youku, and some other websites to Mp3, and Mp4 in HD quality. Supporting download videos in MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, WEBM formats, for thousands of audios and videos.

There are a number of risks associated with using this online YouTube download site. The most significant risk is that your personal information could be compromised. This also lacks adequate security measures, which could allow your account to be accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Additionally, there is a risk that you will not receive the full benefits of using these online YT videos downloaded on a PC tool. Finally, there is a risk that you will not be able to contact customer support if you have questions or problems.

Bonus safety tips:

Try not to tap on any of the dubious pop-ups and warnings that persistently show up on the Y2mate .com website download page. Likewise, try not to tap on any indistinct pop-ups that guarantee infection assurance establishment.

Y2mate FAQ

Is y2mate discontinued?
Yes in some countries y2mate shutdown, alternatively you can try

Have Y2mate or downloaded videos containing the y2mate virus?
Yes!! Sometimes videos downloaded have y2mate virus or other viruses, but it doesn’t mean you can’t download videos from this YouTube download site. But, it is highly recommended to scan all the videos instantly downloaded from Y2mate.


Although the answer to the question: Is Y2Mate Safe, is definitely not easy but after checking the things we can say  Y2mate is not a safe YouTube Video download platform. virus and other suspicious and harmful ads and links appearing on the web’s home page and download page make the site suspicious.

In short, it is highly recommended to stay away from this website as this is not safe to download videos and the proofs are below:

1. Home/Download page notification for subscribing has links hidden script that redirects to suspicious websites and downloads some harmful software or the program to user’s computers

2. Website has several pop-up ads including banner ads or text ads and Everest to check computer security redirect links to suspicious or ad*ults websites

3. Site encourages Users to install the extension, installation of this extension slows the computer definitely maybe this extension automatically installs harmful Trojan Horse malware to use our laptop computer without using permission

4. Videos downloaded from this website were reported as security threats by several anti-viruses as having the virus

5. Several users report that after downloading videos, the computer or laptop slow and the web browser redirects or opens suspicious websites including ad*lt websites more often




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