Top 60 Agile Software Development Blogs and Websites for Scrum Masters in 2024

The list of highest 20 Agile Blogs which are Leading SAFe Agilist Certification or Leading SAFe Agile Certification for scrummage Masters that you just won’t (easily) notice on google searches 

1), Steve sinew has been on the scrummage Master tool cabinet Podcast before and conjointly introduced the superior framework he developed: TameFlow.

2), Claudio Perrone is that the author of PopcornFlow, a way that you just should examine, if you haven’t nonetheless.

3), get within the discussion and learn from different scrummage Masters. Yes, you will become involved in a very framework, thus use caution. 

4), one among the few blogs centered on Product house owners. Roman shares several tools that may facilitate scrummage Masters work with Product house owners

5), a coder’s perspective with several insights for scrummage Masters.

We, as to scrummage Masters, work with developers (and check archangel Bolton’s entry for a tester’s view).

Thus we must always undoubtedly remember what square measure the problems they struggle with, and also the challenges technology poses to them a day. 

6), one among the Agile declaration signatories and still terribly active within the Agile speech communication, as well as work on TDD, #NoEstimates, scrummage, and additional.

7), Gojko is that the creator of Impact Mapping, a well-liked speaker, and conjointly product developer.

His views on technology, Agile, and merchandise development square measure regular options within the journal

8), retrospectives square measure one among the essential tools we tend to use in the scrimmage.

Reading au fait new formats, ideas, safe certification, and developments ought to be a part of our weekly diet as scrummage Masters. This is often one among the blogs to stay track of!

9), Stefan, the editor of the journal and story, curates a weekly Agile story (Food for Agile Thought).

If you don’t wish to go looking 100’s of blogs and media shops for Agile news, then this one is for you. Check that you purchase the story as which will assist you to notice the newest necessary developments within the Agile community.

10) Esther is one among the authors of the Agile Retrospectives book, a requirement in any scrummage Masters library.

She conjointly writes an everyday journal wherever she shares thoughts, experiences, and challenges our views in a very healthy manner.

11) Johanna, who’s been in a very BONUS episode for the scrummage Master tool cabinet Podcast, writes a (very) regular journal wherever she shares her insights.

As an awfully prolific author, Johanna may be a constant supply of insights and inspiration. Must read! 

12) once it involves understanding Product possession, I trust Jeff Patton.

If you wish to run a Story Mapping workshop), and suggest his work to anyone operating as a Product Owner or operating with a Product Owner.

13) As facilitators, scrummage Masters square measure perpetually on the lookout for brand spanking new approaches, games, and mental image.

Thus here it’s, Gamestorming by Dave grey is that the place to travel. Check it out, Associate in Nursing. Prepare an impressive Retrospective for the week already!

14) Pavel may be a chief operating officer at satellite Logic; however, don’t let the title fool you. 

15) Craig Brown is a full-of-life Agilist down below and has been an everyday feature on my journal diet for several years.

He conjointly works on a podcast project known as Agile Revolution.  

16) Al Shalloway runs one of the good Agile consulting outlets within the world.

NetObjects has been active within the community for a minimum of a decade. 

17) archangel Bolton may be a reference within the Agile testing community. He has revealed several posts that got the American state to re-evaluate my beliefs. 

18) Karl Scotland got the American state started with Kanban. And he’s been busy difficult the established order since I met him in 2006.

He still writes wonderful journal posts frequently and has been acting on Agile Strategy; on that, we have an Associate in Nursing interview with him in Dec 2017 here on the podcast. He talks business! 

19) I met Allan in 2008 and am following his work for a moment.

His #NoProjects hashtag has (also) burning several fascinating conversations on Twitter (be bound to check that), and he’s perpetually swinging out wonderful content! Should read!

20) Cory may be a regular contributor to the Agile community. He’s done some nice work with the viewing team’s use of rate and various metrics (throughput, cycle-time, etc.) Safe Agile Certification.

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