Top 7 Benefits Of Online Face Verification Process

Technology is trending in businesses over time. The traditional way of business work operations is being replaced by modern or more methods.

Conventional methods of verifying individuals have also changed. The most effective method used by companies now to verify their customers is online face verification.

Not only retailers but the non-retailers are also in the race to verify their customers with the help of facial recognition technology.

Introducing Online Face Verification

Online face verification identifies the individuals based on their facial characteristics.

Several features like iris recognition, the length of the jawline, and the distance between eyes, nose, and chin are also considered in online face verification.

It is considered an authentic method to verify individuals because of its features that ensure liveness detection and 3D depth analysis.

This type of biometric verification identifies individuals in quick, simple, and accurate methods.

Facial recognition where it is important in verifying individuals on authentic measures is also subjected to plenty of controversies because it identifies people without their consent.

Nevertheless, online face verification is still in trend when it comes to verifying customers and users of products and services.

It is gaining a lot of attention from users and businesses because of its uses.

Considering its use and the controversies attached to the process let’s take a deep dive into studying some of its industrial benefits.

Benefits of  Face Recognition 

There are many benefits attached to online face verification from preventing online frauds to reducing human interaction and labor.

Almost every industry nowadays is adopting facial recognition to upgrade their services for their users.

1. Protect Businesses From Thefts 

Companies utilizing online face verification can easily reduce shoplifting.

Merchants use the software to detect the presence of any suspicious identity with the help of security cameras in physical places.

2. Help Find Missing People And Identify Perpetrators

Police and other law enforcement agencies use face verification o find missing persons.

It is also used to find missing children. Combining online face verification with aging software helps in predicting how children would look once they grow older.

Law enforcement agencies like police get live alerts which enable them to match potential matches in real-time.

3. Strengthens Security At The On-retail Spaces 

Non-retail spaces like banks and airports are widely using online face verification to verify their customers.

Similar to shops and any other business place, fraudsters also are targeting airports and banks to run their illicit activities.

Having face recognition technology in place can help airports and banks to prevent the prevalence of these types of fraud.

Another important factor that is significant to having online face verification at airports is the fact that it has reduced the time of onboarding flights.

Now the administrative work operations at the airports have become seamless by detecting travelers in real-time.

4. Makes Shopping More Effective 

From detecting crimes and helping businesses to deter online fraud, online face verification goes beyond security measures to convenience.

The times customers used to do physical shopping are now considered outdated times.

Now they can do shopping by using their credit and debit cards from the comfort of their homes through face recognition technology.

5. Reduces The Number Of Touchpoints 

Online face verification requires fewer human resources when it comes to verifying customers. It also does not require direct human interaction.

Instead, it uses artificial intelligence to make it automatic. It also limits the touchpoints when unlocking doors and smartphones, getting cash from the ATMs, and any other activity that requires a password, PIN, or key.

6. Improves Medical Treatments 

Facial recognition technology is surprising the world with its innovations over time. From making bank operations to travel experiences seamless for customers, it is now blessing the lives associated with healthcare and patients.

One wonderful application of facial recognition is the detection of genetic disorders.

By investigating the specific facial traits, online face verification can highlight how certain genetic mutations can be a reason for specific genetic testing.

7. Improves Photo Organization 

Online face verification can also tag pictures in your cloud storage through Google. This makes the organization, sharing, and finding your photos easier.

It also plays a role in suggesting your photos to any social media platform.


The onset of fraud in business is not going to stop anytime soon. Thus businesses are required to process their work and make their operations fraud-free by employing specific security measures.

Online face verification is one such method that can identify individuals based on their facial recognition technology and thus can be a strong measure in deterring online frauds.



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