What Is a Podcast?

What Is a Podcast? Learn Everything In The Next 60 Seconds

The rise of podcasts has grown, hasn’t it? If you’re not convinced, look at Joe Rogan’s Spotify $100m deal. This new form of media continues to grow and push conversations forward in the internet space.

Before Joe Rogan and other podcasters’ success, there was Howard Stern. People are well aware of Howard Stern’s radio career. Given the laid-back style of his show, it’s arguably the first podcast.

It could be seen as a case study amongst podcast and radio listeners alike. What else is out there though?

If you’re still asking yourself, “what is a podcast?”, you’ll want to keep reading. Below we break down the medium and compare it to traditional media types.

What Is a Podcast?

A podcast is simply an audio or video program you subscribe to. The beauty is that you can listen to them whenever you like. There are even live ones you can enjoy as well.

Podcasts will center around particular themes such as politics, cryptocurrency, comedy, fashion, or sex. Subscribe to any and many podcasts of your liking from your favorite audio or video apps, such as Spotify or YouTube.

Once you listen to more and more of them, you will certainly get a feel as to what they are all about.

Audio or Video?

There is sometimes confusion surrounding the podcast space, whether they are audio or video. They can be either/or. Most podcasts today tackle both mediums.

What once started as audio-only has quickly branched into the video space. People want to see their hosts interact with the screen and their guests.

With that said, audio has the advantage of being more portable when traveling via car, for example. They are also more convenient when doing other tasks, chores, or routines such as working out at the gym.

Podcast vs Radio Show

What makes a podcast different than a radio show? A podcast is more than a repurposed radio program.

The podcast is all original content. They can take advantage of long-form. Radio, on the other hand, has to concern itself with fitting in segments and satisfying advertisers.

Many podcasts are sponsored too, but the approach is much more “human”. Due to the ability to have long conversations over many episodes, the personality feels much more approachable too.

What about if you want to start a podcast? We suggest you get in contact with a podcast agency. This will have you recording your first episode in no time.

Listen Up

We hope you enjoyed our informative article and answered the question, “what is a podcast?”. What are your favorite podcasts? Do you have any you would recommend to friends and family?

Podcasts are a new and exciting medium that continues to evolve. We are excited to see how they develop over time. To stay in the loop, we gently suggest that you read our blog and listen up.

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