What is Tech-Grinch? Is It A Virus

What is Tech-Grinch? Is It A Virus In Your Digital Devices?

Grinch that we have seen in movies, and read in stories is quite different than the one we are going to discuss. The classic Grinch used to steal Christmas gifts and presents from your homes because he hates Christmas.

Now you should know about the Tech –Grinch that is dangerous, and technical but steals everything stored on your business or personal cellphone, tablets, PCs, and computer devices.

It does not require any access to your digital phones because it is everywhere on the web and on your cell phones. You may wonder about it because it makes you think of a virus, but it is not a virus.

Is the Cellphone Itself a Tech Grinch?

If your cell phones, PCs, and computers do not have strong passwords, then they could breach someone online. Anyone can breach your digital phone privacy and steal your data in terms of anything available in the memory.

It means your business devices without employing any security are at a higher risk of a data breach.

Your business devices, but the cellphones of your children can become a tech-Grinch when they use it for dangerous purposes.

If your child is a social media addict and interacts with strangers, like online stalkers, it means your child’s phone is full of Grinch.

  1. A business organization becomes a victim of a cyber-attack every39 seconds
  2. More than 40% of the organizations got online attacks more than 5, times in a single attempt
  3. 90% of the healthcare organizations got data breaching attacks
  4. 30% of the Cellphone devices are more likely breach because it contains crucial details
  5. Computers and PCs trapped through scams, malware, and phishing attacks
  6. An average of $3.9 billion costs a small business worldwide due to online attacks

Therefore, business devices and the devices of your children need protection in terms of data backup.

Moreover, you need to monitor every activity that happens on PCs, computers, and cellphone devices.

How Can Tech-Grinch Destroy Your Business, And What To Do?

The digital devices of your business organizations become tech-Grinch when lacking security in terms of weak passwords, access to malicious links, and activity with malware, and your employees get their hands on the scams.

Online attackers, hackers, and malware would steal all of your data available on business devices. Tech-Grinch, like a cyber-attack, can destroy your business by stealing your intellectual property to the fullest.

What to do?

Therefore, you need to use computer monitoring software on digital devices, like laptop and desktop devices running with the Mac and Windows OS.

You can visit the official webpage of the computer tracking app and then subscribe to get credentials.

You will receive an email and get access to credentials and access to the target device lacking security. You can install the computer tracking app and get access to the web control panel where you can get your hands on the features to monitor and track employees’ activities and manage data backup.

It empowers you to track installed apps, emails, surroundings, GPS location, and browsing activities. You can create a backup for all the data on the devices and it will sync to the dashboard.

You can record keystrokes to watch for weak or strong passwords and block all the malicious websites.

How Can Tech-Grinch Harm Teens & What Should Parents Do?

Young teens are more likely to spend hours and hours on the cellphones and connect with social networks, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more. Therefore, teens share their privacy, like cellphone numbers, GPS location, name, school name, and many more.

Moreover, teens interact with strangers and get trapped by online predators. Teens do text messaging, conversations, audio-video calls, voice calls, and share media files to the fullest.

Parents should worry about teens because they are inappropriately using cell phones and allowing tech-Grinch to harm them to the fullest.

What should parents do?

Parents can set parental control on kids’ cellphone devices by using a cellphone parental control app.

It empowers parents to record live cellphone calls, call logs, browsing history, track emails, keystrokes logger, and track GPS location.

Parents can protect teens’ cellphone data by syncing it to the dashboard and protecting their videos, photos, and many other things.


Cellphones and computer monitoring apps are the best tools for business owners to protect their privacy save intellectual property and further protect teens’ online privacy.

Tech-Grinch refers to all the activities that can put your business and teens’ safety at stake.

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