Zoom Security Issues -Make Zoom Classes App – More Secure

Being in COVID-19 corona virus pandemic world when isolation and social distancing has become the new norm, meetings, and work-style is completely different.

The good news is that even in the midst of this crisis, zoom classes app can use for teaching to students online through video or web conference.

Zoom app for online classes download doesn’t tough, but keeping the zoom meeting safe needs some extra caution. In this article trendingserve.com shares government and expert advisors to make zoom app for classes more secure by following instructions below:

Ways To Make Zoom Classes App Online Class More Private

Create Separate ID

If you are going to host an online class through zoom app, use a random or temporary id for the meeting. In both cases: either you are hosting a meeting or meeting attendant, the use of the temporary id instead of Personal Meeting ID (PMI), keep your identity safe, and burst he Zoom-Bomber attacks.

When the download zoom app for online classes invite students with share link that produce by scheduling the meeting through E-Mail. It is strongly recommended that strictly instruct to students not to share the meeting link with strangers.

Secure InvitationInvite students for class through E-mail only. Social media is good, but it’s not where you can post a meeting invitation. Avoid Posting the Invitation link in public places such as Facebook, or Twitter, completely.

Join meeting through Invitation link sent in E-mail only is the full-proof method. Only invited students can join the class (meetings) through the invitation link in authorized email addresses.

The intended student must have to join the class with the authorized Email. This step not only makes the class session safe, but also improves the truest in app.

Password Protected Meeting

Password is just like to access key that need to enter into the home. To ensure online class session security keeps it password protected. But, the job not finished after password creation, you must have to give the password only to relevant and genuine people.

In case of zoom app for online class you have to send password only to intended student, and ask them not to share password with anybody. Just Enable Require a password when scheduling new meetings.

Use Waiting Room Feature

Zoom Waiting room is the powerful feature of this online meeting app zoom. After activating this option, the Attendees have to wait here until the moderator accept or reject class join request.

As the host, you have the full control to allow the attendant or deny them. Of course with a zoom app for teaching, this step makes online classes much more safe.

Restrict Screen SharingAs the zoom app for teaching, using for online classes, keep screen sharing limited. By applying some slight changes, only the moderator (teacher) can share a screen. Other attendant can view admin’s screen only, but, they can’t share their screen with other attendants. Restrict screen sharing without permission feature is best to stop Not Safe For Work (NSFW) category content.

Lock The Meeting

Locking the meeting down to authorized participants is an awesome feature for Schools and teachers during the online class session.

Lock the meeting or class for new attending just Approximately 5-10 minutes after the class begins and everything going good.

Locking of Zoom meeting is easy, just got to bottom navigation and click/enable Participant Manage Option. And, this will prohibit new student(s) from entering the class.

Hold Or Kick Out Strange Attendee

Remove unwanted or disruptive participants from Zoom classes app meeting (class) at any time by using managed participants feature you can put the person on hold or kick out of class.

If any student making noise or he/she not focusing on the study, this option will help the teacher in such cases to make the class noise free.

Disable Camera

During the class or meeting if any student/attendant doesn’t behave properly, or if the student(s) not obeying, just disable such students/attendants’ camera by follow the steps below:

  1. Switch  ON, the participants option (and the candidates list will flash on screen)
  2. Touch the Camera Icon showing next to the name. Disable it and finish.

Disable File Sharing

During the zoom cloud meeting attendants’ can share File(s) or animated GIF, but keep it in mind that the host has full command to enable/disable file sharing for particular attendant or for all students. Restricting file sharing without your permission is recommended.

Disable Private Chat

If you are using Zoom Web App (not work for Zoom Desktop App), disable private chat is easy just by:

  1. Open Setting by click on Personal (left upper corner), then click on Setting or Meeting (Basic).
  2. Scroll, until Private Chat option visible.
  3. Enable/Disable Private chats here.

Zoom App Worst part

During the COVID-19 CORONA lockdown, parents are worried because of most schools using the Zoom App for teaching. Because this app puts their personal or confidential business data stored in the cell phone on risk.

After all, what’s the Zoom App’s worst that horrible? As parents you must know this.

The Answer is here.

Tiktok and Zoom, these both Apps setup their servers in China or in simple terms these Apps using the Chinese server. Of course, this raises issues of confidentiality and leakage.

What can much worse than this?

Even, in case of Zoom, data can be hacked by miscall. The Cyber expert says some time call transfer to a wrong number, and your mobile data no more secure now, because it hacked.

The meeting or zoom id is the next threat. The combination of Numbers, Alphabets, And, Special Characters makes the string hard to remember (e.g. strong password).

But in case of Zoom id, No Alphabet, No any special character, using only Numbers (easy to remember), is an open invitation for hackers that lead put your cell phone on risk.

In App’s free version connectivity is so bad, limited time for meeting (40 minutes for each) in free version also experiences not so good.

Article In Short

The downloading Zoom classes app has many purposes such as learning new skills, developing better teacher-students relationships. As-well-As the video conference app Zoom, make able to group study, share lecture or screen share. If error occur, share error code with Zoom App community.

As the App claim: Follow all security, practice good security, use meeting passwords, waiting rooms and restricting sharing, these are some common practices that you can do on your end.

This App becomes Google play store’s popular app download for android during the lockdown session. Although, Play store listed it safe app for download, doesn’t mean that this not required extra caution.

By following the Zoom classes app-Security advisory by Government [And FBI] published here on trendingserve.com makes the class or teacher-students/parents meeting safe and leak proof.

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