Card Board Characteristics Types & Waste

Cardboard: Characteristics, Types, Waste

Cardboard is a popular type of paper product. It has a high density when compared with ordinary paper. Even in the form of waste, it is in demand, which is evidenced by old corrugated cardboard prices.

In most cases, it has several layers. Corrugated cardboard is excellent packaging. Between the two layers, there is a third layer – a zigzag. It allows you to ensure the safety of goods that are transported in corrugated boxes.

Today, the most varied type of cardboard is produced. Varieties differ among themselves in the degree of density. However, there is also a classification by purpose.

Cardboard can be not only packaging. In this case, we are talking about its use in the production of containers. The design is formed by several layers.

There is a different density, as well as composition. As a result, it is possible to protect the contents inside the carton as much as possible.

At the same time, such cardboard is inexpensive for its price. The reduction in cost occurs due to the manufacture of layers from various types of raw materials.

Higher quality components are used for the outer layers. Cheaper components are spent on the manufacture of the inner layers.

There is a printed cardboard. It has a high degree of quality, has an external appeal. As a rule, such cardboard is coated.

Printing cardboard is used for the manufacture of promotional products, from booklets to beautiful folders. There is also designer cardboard. This is a very expensive variety. Only the best raw materials are used for its production.

He, like printing cardboard, is also coated. Additionally, mechanical processing is used to achieve an unusual, original texture. Design cardboard is dyed.

The stylish packaging is made from cardboard, as well as catalogs that are needed for the presentation of expensive goods.

Shoe cardboard is also known. It is a highly demanded product in the footwear industry. Insoles are made from it, as well as other elements for shoes.

Such cardboard has a unique composition because it includes components from the leather industry.

Also in its composition, there are synthetic substances that allow you to give cardboard certain characteristics that are valuable for shoe production.

Raw Materials For Production And Waste

Cardboard can be recycled or cellulose. That is, there is a difference in the type of feedstock used. Waste paper is one the production of which waste paper was used.

Most of the cardboard mass is just that. Recycling waste paper allows you to get cheaper cardboard. In addition, it turns out to protect the environment, which suffers from pollution with consumer waste due to cutting down trees.

In turn, cellulose cardboard is made from virgin raw materials. It is a more expensive product. It is used where high-quality printing is required. In particular, this is a printing production.

Any cardboard eventually becomes garbage. Isolated cases when cardboard does not become waste do occur, but rarely.

So, if a product is made from a designer variety of cardboard, then it can gain value and be stored by a person for a long time as a rarity or a museum exhibit.

In other cases, cardboard is sent to landfills or recycled, where it is used to produce materials suitable for the production of new products.

As waste paper suppliers in USA, Canada, and other countries say, if you sell cardboard waste to recyclers, then there is a great opportunity to provide an additional source of income. Cardboard waste is in high demand in the waste paper market today.

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