Claim Damages to Appliances Caused By Surges

How to Claim Damages to Appliances Caused By Surges

We don’t always know the cause behind some unexplained damage to any home appliance. Ones that usually occur out of the blue that is.  Otherwise, with certain appliances, you already know that either the device has run its course, or it may have been physically damaged by either water spillage or blunt force.

When there’s no explanation, it’s best to assume that there may have been some internal damage due to a power surge.

So if the fault doesn’t lie within something that we’ve done or the device itself, do you still have to pay up for the damages? Well, there is a way for power surge damage claim – the monetary compensation for the repairs that are made to any device damaged by a power surge.

Causes of a Power Surge

Before we get into how you can claim monetary compensation for the damages by a power surge, you must first understand what a power surge is and what some triggers that can cause it to occur are.

Power surges are unexpected, sudden spikes in the electrical voltage that usually last for a few seconds.

However, what you should know is that the intensity of a power surge is the reason behind any sort of damage to any appliance connected to a power source.

Now when a power surge occurs, there is no way you can tell unless there are some out-of-the-ordinary electrical fluctuations or sparks in power outlets.
Onto the part of what causes power surges, here are some triggers that you should be weary of.

1. Lightning

A single lightning strike carries within it millions of electrical volts which is enough to supply a whole town.

But when lightning finds its way into our homes through underground cables, electrical poles, and satellite dishes, then it can really mess with the home’s central circuit breaker.

2. Faulty Wires

How do you know if the wiring within the walls of our homes and behind power outlets is faulty or old? Here are some telltale signs you can watch out for: burn marks around the power outlet, a burning odor, and even a subtle but audible buzzing sound originating from the power outlet.

Faulty wires tend to have a lesser electrical resistance, so when they come in contact with a conductor it is bound to let off a surge.

3. Overcrowded Outlets

Plugging multiple devices into the same power source can trigger a power surge, more so when there’s a major difference in the level of voltage required by each device that is plugged in. For instance, you shouldn’t be plugging your hairdryer and phone charger to the same outlet because the voltage imbalance can trigger a surge.

4. Power Outages

A surge can occur when the power is restored after a massive breakdown within the grid. You would notice that after a blackout when the power comes back on the lights may be too bright for a split second, or the air conditioner may jump-start even if it was off. Those are multiple power surges occurring at once.

How to Claim Monetary Compensation

If you’ve read this far, now here’s how you can claim monetary compensation for any appliance that gets damaged because of a power surge. Surely you must have heard of Surge Coverage Plans; if not, then these kinds of plans are provided by local electrical companies.

A general overview of such a plan is that for a monthly or annual fee, homeowners can subscribe to a Surge Coverage Plan provided by their local electrical company which provides a sort of insurance for the home appliances.

Contracts vary so there could be a difference in what devices and appliances are covered by certain plans. But nonetheless, this is a sure way of otherwise saving up on hundreds of dollars that you would have had to pay up to repair a single high-end appliance.

Some of the main devices and appliances covered by Surge Coverage Plans include:

  1. Gaming Consoles
  2. Televisions
  3. Refrigerators
  4. Computers, Laptops, Printers, and Scanners
  5. Ovens and Stoves
  6. Dishwashers
  7. Microwaves
  8. Washing Machines and Dryers
  9. Air Conditioners

Keep Your Appliances Safe

Power surges occur unexpectedly, and sometimes multiple times in a single day. That is all the more reason to keep your appliances safe, especially the high-end, expensive ones because imagine the kind of bill you would get if they need repairs.

There are such things as Surge Protectors are available, but the only drawback is that such devices have a certain lifespan which depends on the intensity of the surges they can withstand.

Subscribing to a Surge Coverage Plan is your best option for claiming monetary compensation for any sort of damage done due to a surge.

Contact your local electrical company and find out your options or head on over to

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