Cloud-Based Aviation Business Management

Advancing the Aviation Industry with a Cutting-Edge Cloud Solution

The remarkable growth and significance of the aviation industry have placed it among the major sectors of the global economic landscape.

In order to stay competitive, aviation companies worldwide are embracing technological advancements to automate their operations and deliver a more appealing experience to their clients.

When it comes to aviation companies offering private passenger transportation, cargo deliveries, and aircraft leasing, having a reliable and seamless software solution is imperative.

Cloud-Based Aviation Business Management
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It not only ensures the safety and well-being of the crew, passengers, and cargo but also provides substantial value to the company, enabling successful business operations.

Developing and enhancing custom aviation maintenance software presents both challenges and exciting opportunities.

At Agiliway, leveraging our extensive experience in implementing tailored solutions, we joined forces with our clients to revolutionize the aviation industry by improving their existing systems and preparing them for swift release.

With our dedicated development and quality assurance engineers, we have seamlessly assisted clients in inspecting, enhancing, and fixing their systems, ensuring optimal functionality and timely releases.

Our comprehensive approach encompassed the following steps:

  • Advancing current functionality to meet existing requirements and simplify future changes;
  • Addressing bugs and conducting rigorous unit testing to ensure the highest level of security and system stability;
  • Improving the overall quality of the product to create a better user experience;
  • Ensuring the timely release of the updated system to meet the latest market demands.

Cloud-Based Solution For effective Aviation Business Management

In today’s aviation industry, vendors offering a wide range of services are seeking innovative solutions to enhance their businesses and deliver exceptional service. Embracing disruptive technology is essential for success in any sector.

A major aspect of this project is the implementation of a cloud-based system, enabling access to information regardless of business or client location.

Our cloud solutions leverage platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and, providing a sophisticated system that efficiently manages all aspects of the aviation industry, from passenger and cargo transportation to aircraft leasing.

The product was built around four main solutions that streamline internal processes, ultimately adding value to your business.

1. Management of Assets

Efficiently managing company assets is crucial. Our asset management solution consolidates all pertinent information in one place, eliminating the need to sift through tons of files.

It encompasses aircraft leasing and maintenance records, financial integration with multiple accounting systems, insurance data, etc.

The system even provides aircraft performance forecasting based on technical conditions and operational history.

2. Management of Data and Documentation

Our solution simplifies data storage and reporting by offering a comprehensive platform for collecting, managing, and securely storing all technical documentation online.

This includes aircraft documents, audit and inspection history, and operational details related to cargo deliveries and passenger transportation.

3. Inspection of Aircraft

Regular technical checkups are vital for ensuring aircraft “life” and future customer satisfaction.

The developed system captures and stores data from inspections is accessible from anywhere, and provides timely notifications for upcoming checkups and maintenance procedures.

4. Aircraft Transitions

This powerful tool facilitates smooth aircraft transitions, including pre-purchases, deliveries, inspections, and maintenance.

Our experts assist in seamlessly integrating all necessary documentation into the system, ensuring that vital data is securely stored in the cloud.


Agiliway’s development team has successfully performed the on-time release of the solution, elevating the system’s overall functionality, fixing any existing bugs, and conducting comprehensive unit testing to guarantee flawless software operation, benefiting both our client and their customers.

If you are seeking a reliable software development team, reach out to our managers today to schedule a consultation with our experts.

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